Pressing Dry Sift Rosin with my Rosineer Manual Press


What's up Cannabis Growers, My name is Dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I am excited to show you guys how to press your homemade dry sift into rosin! This will be done by using Rosin Evolution 25 Micron Filter Bags, and I will also be Pressing Flower using the 90 Micron Filter Bags by Rosin Evolution as well. This will all be done using my Manual Rosineer Rosin Press, so lets go check that out.

Ok so with Pressing Dry Sift Rosin at home, you're going to only need 4 things. First your rosin press, which as I stated will be the Manual Rosineer version 1. Then you will need your dry sift of course, which I will be using some Coco Monkey Balls Dry Sift I made with a pollen box.  

Next you'll need filter bags, and when it comes to pressing a fine material like Dry Sift Hash, you want to use a very fine filter bag. So that I why I recommend the 25 micron bags. Finally you will need parchment paper for pressing the rosin onto of course!  

Once you have all your supplies together you are ready to prep the dry sift for pressing. Before doing this however, I like to get the Rosin Press turned on so it can warm up while I prep. I will be setting the press to 105 degress C for these presses as that has worked best for me.  

Before putting your product into the filter bag, you're going to want to turn it inside out. This helps with preventing blow outs as the seam is facing outward not in. Now you can put your dry sift hash into the filter bag. I will be doing 1.76 grams today, was trying to do 2gs but didn't make enough for this run.  

I find with this rosineer press I get the best results when doing 2 gram runs. Alright so you've weighed out the dry sift, now pour it into the filter bag and back it towards the bottom as best you can. Once you have done that, cut the excess of the filter bag off the top so you leave an inch of excess.  

Now you will want to fold that flap over the top of the bag, and sort of press on it so the bag flattens out. You want to keep the flap folded over and on top when pressing as that will also help prevent blowouts. Once this is done, put your filter bag into the parchment paper and press.

I like to pull the lever down slowly so it can warm the dry sift up before it really squishes it. Press for 30-45 seconds and then lift the lever. You will see in the video we got some amazing results with this run, and after testing it out personally I can truly attest to that. After pressing, let the rosin cool of for a little before using. It will be more stable that way. You can also do another 30 second squish on that bag to get the rest of the rosin out of there. It will not be much more, but in my opinion it is still worth the it.

Ok now lets use a filter bag with bud to press some rosin. The supplies you will need are exactly the same, and instead of the Coco Monkey Balls I will be pressing some Double Tangie Banana Flower. So I have my 90 micron filter bag, and my 3 grams weighed out. I usually do 2gs per run, but I want to do a little extra this time around.

Remember to turn the bag inside out first, then take all the bud and pack it in and towards the bottom as best as possible. Make sure it is filling up all the space and there isn't any air pockets that can cause a blowout. Once compacted, cut off so there is only an inch left and fold over for pressing. You can now press. You will see in the video a lot of the rosin got stuck in the bag because I didn't properly pack everything, but I think I'll just be sticking to filter bags for pressing dry sift from now on. And will only press flower with out the filter bag.  

Alright folks, that is all you need to know about press dry sift hash into rosin at home using a filter bag! As always, thank you for watching and until next time...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown