Easily Grow Pounds of Weed at Home with LST & Topping

What’s up Cannabis Growers, and welcome back for another episode of greenbox grown!  As always, my name is Dylan and today I will be showing you guys how you can grow pounds of cannabis right at home, using 2 very simple and easy to use techniques!  These techniques are Topping as well as Low Stress Training, or LST.  Combined, these tricks will take an average sized cannabis plant and turn it into a monster sized bush that will yield tons of bud!  As a heads up, I will be performing this on 4 Regular Blue Dream plants and I Do add a SCROG right before flower, but that is optional.  I do not recommend topping when it comes to growing auto flower plants, but you can use LST with hooks on autos.  So now that you guys know what were doing lets get started!

Alright, so the first thing I want to show you is how the plants look after all this training is said and done.  This shot is from about week 5 of the grow, and it has been almost 7 days since I stopped the training process.  So not only can you see how bushy these plants are, which is what we want, but there are also growing upwards and tall which is great because it will allow for bigger buds to grow on the branches.  

This next shot shows the 4 blue dream plants a few days before I harvested them, and you can see just how many different tops there are and how large the buds have grown.  I was able to harvest well over a pound from just these 4 plants, which I was really pumped on.  You can see I have added the SCROG to these plants as well, which helps them grow horizontally instead of vertically so they don't get to tall and so you can fit more tops in the greenhouse.  Remember, the more tops your plant has, the more bud it will produce.  So the main goal with these 2 training techniques is to produce as many tops as possible on each plant.

Ok, so here we are in week 1, and I have yet to do any sort of training or topping to these plants.  These guys were started from clone and I just transplanted into these pots 1 day ago.  Now before any training is to be done to these blue dream plants, the very first thing you are going to want to do is top the plants.  Topping refers to the technique of cutting off part of the “Top” of your cannabis plant.  And what this does is causes the one stem to grow into 2 stems, so in the end you have 2 main tops now instead of just the one.  Now you want to make sure you are cutting in the right spot, which is this little part of the plant that is growing out from the end of the branch.  Be sure to use a sterile pair of trimmers, and You want to clip right where this part meets the stem.  Once you cut, your plant has officially been topped!  

I want to show you a couple quick images which show exactly where to cut.  So this first picture is highlighting what exactly the tops are, and you can see they are a little bit lighter in color than the rest of the plant.  Once you have identified the tops on your plant, you’re ready to cut.

This next image shows exactly where to cut.  So you can see you want to go right below where the top meets the stem.  And it’s as simple as that.

Ok, so now that we have gotten topping out of the way, it is time to show you how to perform LST which is short for Low Stress Training.  What LST is, is the idea of adding stress to the plant by bending its branches, because that process actually causes the plant to react and grow much faster.  The main object with LST is to bend the branches over as much as possible, without causing damage.  I prefer using the 3 finger technique, as it is much more gentle on the plant and prevents the branch from breaking off.  What this means is you place the branch between your fingers, with the thumb on the bottom and your index and middle fingers on the top, and then you slowly bend over a little at a time until the branch does not stand back up when you release it.  Sometimes the branch may crease and completely fall over, and that is ok.  In fact that is called super cropping and will cause the branch to grow even more rapidly, but ill get into that technique in more detail in another video.  When using the LST technique, be sure to do it on all branches, and bend them in all different directions so you have an evenly growing plant.  

Ok, so now this is one day after the initial LST, and you can see the plants have almost stood completely back up.  This is normal, and to make sure this doesn't happen anymore, I will be using hooks to harness the branches down into the correct position and so they wont stand back up.  Using these hooks is also a very important technique because it also holds the tops of your branches down so that they are lower than the rest of the plant.  This causes the plant to grow new main tops out of the higher parts of the stems, making it so you have that many more tops.  Once those tops have grown enough, I will harness them down with a hook so that even more grow out of there!  When harnessing the hooks, make sure they are staying in the soil and bring them as close to the top of the plant as possible so it really holds it down there.

Here we are the day after the initial hooks were put in, and you can see there are already new tops growing up and the ones that were harnessed facing downwards are pointing back up!  This shows just how quickly cannabis plants react to training!  If one of your hooks pops out or comes loose, just reposition it and push it back down.

This shot is about 3 days later, and I wanted to show you guys this knuckle that has formed at the base of the plant.  This is perfectly normal and ok when it comes to training, and is actually a reaction to it.  This knuckle is formed because the plant is pushing all its nutrients to these new parts of the plant that need the extra energy to grow back up.

Now we are in week 2 of this grow, and you can see the plants have grown tremendously!  They are already taking on that bushy shape and are really starting to take off.  At this point, you should be seeing a huge difference in your plants on a daily basis.  So what I will do right now is check the new growth to see if it is ready to be trained and hooked down.  With the newer younger branches, I recommend performing the 3 finger LST bending them downwards, right when they start growing upwards.  This makes them more flexible and easier to hook.  Be sure to wait for the hook until the branch is long enough to be harnessed into a low position.  In this shot, none of the new branches are ready for hooks, so I’ll just give them some LST.  After using LST, you branches will be laying over on their sides, which might look like they are dead, but trust me they are doing just fine and will be standing back up by tomorrow.

Another couple days later, and there has been some significant growth, enough for me to add some more hooks.  Before I add the new hooks, however, I want to check on how the previous ones are doing.  You'll see that the branches have actually grown in length, so what I will do is move the hook up to the new growth so the top is still being pulled down low.  This is what I am doing in the beginning of this shot.  Jus readjusting the already added hooks.  Once that process has been completed, I move on to the new branches up top and hook them down.  Again it is very important to hook them in different directions so they grow an evenly shaped plant, opposed to growing all in one direction.  Always pull them to the outside part of the part closest to them.  Once all the new tops that are ready have been hooked, you are all done with your training for the day.  Be sure to check on the plants each and every day so you stay on top of this process.  

Here is a quick arial view of the plants thus far, so you can get an idea of the shape I’m trying to get this plant to grow into and so you can see the different directions I am hooking the plants.

This scene is really important, as you’ll see I accidentally bend a branch too far and it tears almost completely off!  Luckily, cannabis plants are extremely resilient and can have branches fused back on!  All you need to do is take a little scotch tape and wrap it around the base of the stem so it is being held together where it broke off.  After a week or so the branch will have completely fused itself back together and will be completely ok!  Even though this is fixable, you always want to be really careful when doing this process so you don't do too much damage.

Here we are for week 4, which will be the last week of LST and the 2nd and last topping for these plants.  You can see how bushy they have become in just four weeks time, and this is mainly due to the training that was performed.  Now I will perform the 2nd and last topping on these plants, and it is important that you top all of the tops, and not just one.  This way you can really maximize you yields by turning it top into 2!  I already adjusted and added the hooks before topping these guys, so there is no need to do so afterwards.  And once you have reached the desired sized plant you would like, that is a great time to stop the LST and topping process.  

This shot was taken 1 week after all LST and topping was finished, and you can see just how much the branches have grown up since then.  Not only are these guys extremely bushy, but each plant has more tops than I can count!  Once I have reached this point, I like to let them grow upwards for a week or 2 longer, and then I start the flowering process.  For this grow I also added a SCROG a few days before switching to flower.  But this is exactly how you want to be growing your plants into that bushy shape, so you can really max out your yields and get pounds of cannabis instead of just ounces!  

Here we are for the final day before harvest of this blue dream grow.  Not only are the bud absolutely massive and covered with trichomes, but there are so many main colas, it’s almost impossible to count.  While there are a lot of buds growing beneath this scrog, it’s these main colas up top that you really want to pay attention to.  As they are the highest quality of cannabis being grown on each plant.  I wanted to show you this shot so you can see how all the training and topping paid off in the end, and how much bud these 4 plants ended up growing because of it.

So there you have it, that is exactly how you can use LST and Topping to grow pounds of cannabis instead of just ounces.  And the best part is these techniques are really simple and easy to implement, so it’s really a no brainer when it comes to deciding if you should train them or not.    That’s all I have for now, but be sure to stay tuned as I will be releasing some more rosin press videos in the very near future as well as some pest defense tips and tricks!  As always if you guys enjoyed the video, please give us a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback.  Also don't forget to subscribe to my channel and until next time thank you for watching and...


Dylan @ GreenBox Grown