Trichomes on the current Indoor/Outdoor Cannabis Grows!

What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! My name is Dylan and today I will be giving you another update on our current Indoor & Outdoor Basic Cannabis Grows. What I mean by a "Basic" Grow, is we gave these plants a short vegetation time and did minimal topping and LST. This is a lot easier of a grow for a beginner, and allows for a much faster harvest time!  

In this video you will see I show all of the buds on each plant, as well as how they have grown since the last video. But the most important thing covered in this episode are the trichomes and their maturity. See, the trichomes maturity level is the single most important way of telling when the buds are ready for harvest. 

Trichomes have three different stages during their maturity cycle. First they are clear, and lack THC inside of them. Later, as the mature a little further, they become milky or cloudy which means they are full of THC! Next, the THC starts to break down into what is known as THC-A, and the Trichomes begin turning amber.  

What growers have learned over time, is trichomes give a different high depending on what stage they are at. When all of the trichomes are milky with zero percent amber, that is when you will get the most energetic and thought provoking high! When all of the trichomes become amber, you will receive what is know as the "Couch Lock" type of high. A very strong body high that is relaxing and causes you to not want to do anything! As a grower, I have developed a preference for harvesting when the Trichomes are about 80% Milky and 20% Amber, giving what I consider the perfect mix of both highs!  

Eventually as a cannabis grower, you will be able to determine what you prefer when it comes to trichome maturity on your buds.  

Now that you know how to decide if your buds are ready for harvest or not, it is time to discuss "Flushing" your cannabis plants. Flushing is one of the most important steps in creating a smooth and tasteful smoke, and consists of only watering your plants with plain pH'd water for the last 2 weeks of growth. What this does is flushes out any build up of salts or minerals from nutrients in your plants. With out a clean flushing, your buds will be extremely harsh and unpleasant to taste. After a proper flushing, however, you will notice a enormous difference. In fact, a proper flush can turn poorly grown weed into top shelf, and without a flush can turn perfectly grown weed into crap!

So now the big question is, if I have to flush my plants for 2 weeks before harvesting, how do I know when to start the flush so that the trichomes are at the right maturity level once the flush is over. From what I noticed, once all trichomes are milky, they begin turning amber at about a rate of 4-5% each week. So if you wanted 10% amber trichomes, start flushing right when all the trichomes have become milky. My other word of advice, is it doesn't hurt to flush longer than 2 weeks. So if the trichomes aren't ready when the flush is finished, just keep flushing until they are ready!

In the video you will see that the cannabis plants in my greenhouse look like they could use another week of nutrients before I start the flush, so that is what I am going to give them. The indoor plants are a little further along, but to keep things easy I will give them 1 more week of nutrients as well. This way I can harvest everything at once.

That is all I have for now, but I will be back with another update on my Basic Cannabis Grows once I start harvesting them! As always, thank you for watching and HAPPY GROWING!!!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown