Free 2-Day Shipping on all Starter Kits Tuesday July 11th Only!!!

Hello and welcome back to GreenBox Grown! Today I am excited to announce that this coming Tuesday, July 11th, is Amazon Prime Day. Which means all of our Cannabis Growing Starter Kits on the GreenBox Grown Store will come with FREE 2 Day Shipping! 

You can sign up for a free Trial of Amazon Prime at the link above and can cancel at anytime. Once you have purchased all the items you would like to receive free 2 day shipping on, just cancel your Prime account and you wont have to pay the monthly fee! That is unless you want to keep the prime account, which will get you free 2 day shipping on all of your Amazon orders, plus tons of other discounts and free offers on the Amazon store!

Not only will you receive free 2 day shipping on our Cannabis Growing Starter Kits, but you will also get free shipping on ever item in the GreenBox Grown Supply Store! On Prime Day, which is July 11th, there will be hundreds of thousands of sales going on and there is a good chance a lot of our growing supplies will be on sale with a huge discount. Be sure to check that out on Tuesday, as sales can reach an upwards of 60%+ OFF!

Amazon also has an app for Prime Day, which allows you to set items you are watching, and when they go on sale you will receive a notification on your phone. I highly recommend setting alerts for the Cannabis Growing Starter Kits you are interested in, so when the items become discounted, you can purchase before the sale is over. That is all I have for now, but as always thank you for watching and

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown