Ona Odor Spray Card &  Lock N Load One Hitter Review!

BioHazard Inc:  http://biohazardinc.com

Ona Odor Control:  http://onaonline.com

Hello and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown.  Today I am reviewing two of the products I picked up at GrowX San Jose, last weekend.  The two products I am reviewing are the On a Odor Control Spray Card, and the Lock N Load Chillum by BioHazard Inc.  

Before I get into the individual products, let me first introduce you to the different brands.  Ona specializes in Odor Control & Neutralization, for both grow spaces as well as from smoking.  What's also great about Ona is their products are strong enough to completely Block and eliminate the Cannabis Smell, something most products can't do.

The Ona Spray Card is mostly for eliminating odors from smoking, while the gel containers are specifically for odor control in grow rooms and other spaces where the smell will be constant.  With the spray card, one spritz is plenty to eliminate cannabis odor in one medium sized room.  With the gel, all you need to do is unscrew the lid and place it near your growing space, and you are all set.  

Next is the Lock N Load Chillum, by Biohazard Inc.  Biohazard is essentially a glass company that sells all kinds of smoking accessories, including everything from grinders and vape pens, to concentrate containers and rolling accessories.  Their products are also reasonably priced.  

The Lock N Load one hitter is a piece I have been using for a few days now, and have really enjoyed thus far.  One of the features I especially enjoy is the screw off lid, which allows you to pack a bowl ahead of time without the worry of spilling it.  The hits are surprisingly smooth for such a small piece, but I will say you need to hit it gently or else you will pull some of the bud through and into your mouth.  However, if you pull gently you will get a good sized rip as their is a lot of airflow with this piece of glass.  

As I have said before, not only are both of these products great, but the brands that are making them are highly reputable and produce other quality products as well!  That is all I have on the Ona Odor Spray Card & the Lock n Load Chillum for now, but if you have a product you would like to see me review, please post it in the comments section!

As always, thank you for watching and

Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown