Calibrating a Dr. Meter pH Pen for Cannabis Growing!

Hello fellow Cannabis Growers and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today I am excited because I just received my new Dr. Meter pH Pen in the mail and so I figured I would take this opportunity to show you guys how to properly calibrate your pH pen. Also, this is the exact pH pen you will receive when you purchase one of our Cannabis Growing Starter Kits. This is important because the reading is normally incorrect when the pH pen is brand new, so you should always calibrate. Once we have the pH pen calibrated, I will then show you how to use the pen to properly pH a bucket of water so you can use it for your cannabis plants!

When you open the protective case that contains your pH pen, you will see there is also a mini screw driver and some packets of powder included. The screwdriver is for turning the dial that adjusts your pH pens reading, and the powder will be used to calibrate the pen. Next, pull the pen out of the casing, remove the black cap on the end and wash off the node of the pH pen. The node is the bottom of the pen that is stuck into the water for taking pH readings. Once washed, let it air dry and then you are ready for calibration.

Now you will want to take the pH buffer powder packet that says 6.86 on it and pour that into 250 ml of water. Stir it up until dissolved, then turn on the pH pen and submerge the node into the water. You can turn the pen on by sliding the black button on the top. You will now get a reading of what your pH pen thinks the level is at, but it is off. You will see this because with the powder in the water, the pH is adjusted to 6.86 so you know that is what the reading should be. To adjust simply turn the small screw found on the back of the pH pen, using the adjuster it came with. Turn counterclockwise to make the pH go up, and clockwise to make it go down. Once you have adjusted it to read 6.9 while still in the water, your pen is finished being calibrated and ready for use!

Now lets head outside to pH our first bucket of plain water (No Nutrients). Since I am growing in a coco coir based medium, I will be pH'ing to 5.8. You will want to fill your bucket up to the amount you need with water from your garden hose. Don't use rain water as that can and will harm your cannabis plants. Once the water is at your desired level, put the pen in and get a reading. Then adjust accordingly until you reach your desired pH. You will want to use pH up to raise the pH and pH down to lower it. When it comes to nutrient feedings, you still want to pH the mixture but be sure to do so once all your nutrients have already been mixed in.  

Now that you have your pH pen calibrated and you understand how to pH your water, you are ready to begin watering your Cannabis Plants!

That is all I have for now, but as always thank you for reading and HAPPY GROWING!!!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown