Did you know there are over 15 States where you can Legally Grow Cannabis at Home?!

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As of 2017 there are a total of 16 US States plus the District of Columbia, which allow Medical Cannabis Patients to grow a certain amount of marijuana at their domicile.  What this means is all you have to do in order to legally grow cannabis at home is purchase a Medical Marijuana card in your residential state, and you are good to go!  I recommend doing research on the particular laws and regulations on home cannabis grows for the county you live in, as these rules can change drastically from county to county.  

It is important to understand your specific states home cultivation limits so you can grow within the limits and stay legal!  These rules also vary by which state you are in, and are as follows:

  1. Alaska - If you are over 21 years old, you are allowed to posses, grow, process, or transport no more than six cannabis plants at once, with no more than three of those plants being mature or in the flowering state.
  2. Arizona - Medical marijuana patients are allowed to cultivate up to twelve plants if they live over 25 miles from the nearest medical marijuana dispensary.
  3. California -  Adults over 21 years old may cultivate up to six plants per household.  Medical Marijuana Patients may cultivate up to six mature cannabis plants or up to twelve immature cannabis plants at one time.  Patients can get a specific recommendation from a MMJ Doctor, granting permission to grow a larger amount at home!
  4. Colorado - Anyone over the age of 21 my grow up to six plants per person, with no more than three of those plants being in the flowering stage at any particular time.  There is a limit of twelve total plants per household, regardless of the number of residents.  
  5. District of Columbia - If you are at least 21 years old you can cultivate up to six marijuana plants at one time, with no more than three being in flower at a time.

  6.  Hawaii - A Medical Marijuana Patient may grow no more than seven plants at one time, regardless of if it is in flower or not.

  7. Maine - Adults can grow up to six flowering plants, up to 12 immature cannabis plants, and an unlimited amount of seedlings at any particular time.

  8. Massachusetts -  Adults over the age of 21 may cultivate up to six plants per person at their residence and it can only be used for personal use.  Plants must be out of site and not visible to the general public.  

  9. Michigan - A primary caregiver or Medical Marijuana Patient who has been issued and possesses a registry identification card can grow up to twelve plants at a time.  They must be kept away and out of site in a locked room or grow area.  

  10. Montana - A Medical Marijuana Patient may posses up to 4 flowering cannabis plants, and twelve seedlings at anyone time. 

  11. Nevada - A medical marijuana patient may grow up to twelve marijuana plants at one time.  All twelve plants can be in vegetation or flower, it doesn't matter!

  12. New Mexico - Medical Marijuana Patients can purchase a growing license, which must be posted near the growing area at all times, and grow ups to four plants and twelve seedlings at one one time.  The plants may all be in vegetation or flower, it doesn't matter.

  13. North Dakota - A Medical Marijuana Patient that resides 40+ miles away from a marijuana dispensary may be allowed to grow up to eight cannabis plants at any one time.

  14. Oregon - Recreational marijuana consumers 21 years of age and older may grow up to four (4) plants per residence at one time. A Medical Marijuana Patient in Oregon may cultivate up to six cannabis plants at one time.

  15. Rhode Island - Medical Marijuana Patients may cultivate up to twelve plants at any one time and must grow those plants indoors.  All twelve plants may be in vegetation or flower, it doesn't matter!  

  16. Vermont - A Medical Marijuana Patient may cultivate no more than two flowering cannabis plants and seven nonflowering cannabis plants at one time.

  17. Washington - Medical Marijuana Patients may grow cannabis at home and are limited to six plants at any one time.  Patients can request a higher plant limit, which can reach as high as growing fifteen plants at once, regardless of the state they are in!

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Now that you know which states are legal for growing cannabis at home and their different limits, I would like to answer a few more questions most people ask when they are getting into growing their own cannabis at home.  Those questions are:  

  1. Why should I grow at home instead of just buying from the dispensary?
  2. Should I grow indoors, outdoors or in a Greenhouse?
  3. How many plants should I grow?

Growing your own cannabis at home can seem like a really difficult and expensive task, that would result in little reward, but that couldn't be further from the truth!  Not only is it possible to get your own cannabis grow set up for under $200, but if done correctly you will never have to buy marijuana again and can smoke as often as you desire!  For me, I haven't had to purchase cannabis in over 5 years and I only spend a couple minutes per day on my plants.

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When making the decision of where to grow, it comes down to preference and what kind of space you have available.  I prefer growing outside in a greenhouse, because I live in a sunny place, have a big backyard, and can take advantage of the earth's natural resources.  Some one who lives in Seattle for example, may want to grow indoors as it is always raining, and their may not be a lot of outdoor space where they live.  With indoor growing, you have much more control over the environment and don't even have to walk outside to tend to your plants.  The downside is indoor growing requires more electricity and lighting equipment when compared to greenhouse growing.

The final question most first time growers ask, "How many plants should I Grow?"  In this case the more the better, because the difference in difficulty of maintaining 1 plant and 6 plants is slim to none.  Plus, having a large yield is never a bad thing, so why not optimize all the grow space you have.  Remember, each grow cycle takes a least a couple of months.  


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You should now have a much better understand on the laws and limits of Growing Cannabis at Home, and hopefully you now have a better idea on the size and style of grow you would like to start out with.  You can also view our different Indoor & Greenhouse Starter Kits by clicking the button below!

That is all I have for now, but as always thank you for reading and HAPPY GROWING!!!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown