Week 5 of Flower Update for the Indoor & Outdoor Grows!

What is up Cannabis Growers, and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! Today is the very first day of Week 5 of Flower for my Basic Cannabis Grow, so I am going to give you guys another update!  

Remember there is both an Greenhouse Grow and a Indoor Grow I will be showing you today, and by Basic Grow I mean these plants were only topped once or twice and minimal LST was used. Also, they had a short vegetation period of 4 weeks.

First I will show you guys the Green House plants, which include 1 Chocolate Hashberry, 1 Pre-98 Bubba, and 1 Coco Monkey Balls. As you can see in the video, all 3 plants have several tops, and the 2 larger plants have 10+ colas! Even after a short vegetation period, you can see how far a little bit of LST and Topping can go!

You can also see how large and dense the buds are getting, and when you get up close you can see how frosty they are getting from all of the trichome growth! Unfortunately you guys can't smell from home, but the plants are starting to give off that lovely scent they have and it is getting strong. I would say about 3-4 more weeks and then these buds will be ready to come down for harvest!

So now that you have seen the Greenhouse plants, lets check out the Indoor. There are only 2 plants in the indoor tent but they are growing exceptionally well! In fact, you can see I had to use string to hold the buds up as the branches weren't strong enough to support their weight! Besides that tiny issue, the indoor buds are growing as an extremely rapid rate and also have a wonderful scent to them!

The only issue with the indoor grow, is since the plants don't receive like from all angles, the plants do not grow as many buds on the sides and lower parts of the trunk, like we saw the greenhouse plants doing. However, as a tradeoff the top buds on the indoor plants tend to be extremely potent and flavorful. You can see how developed the indoor buds have become over the last couple of weeks, and it is even noticeable that the white epistles are starting to turn orange and curl in. Another sign your buds are reaching maturity! As with the plants in the greenhouse, I would say 3-4 more weeks before these guys are ready for harvest.

That is all I have for now on my Basic Indoor and Outdoor Cannabis Grows, but I will be back with another update in a few weeks! In that video I will be showing video clips of the trichomes and explaining which stage of growth they are at, and I will cover when to start your flush!  

Until then, Thank You for watching and HAPPY GROWING!

Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown