Are big buds causing your branches to fold over?

(Here's how to fix that)


Hello and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown! In my last video I discussed how you can use metal stakes to give support to your cannabis buds and branches. Well this week I will be showing you a different method to accomplish a similar goal, and that is using string as support and to pull the branches and buds back up to where they should be.  

It is really rare to have to use this technique as it really is only for a unique scenario. So far, the only time I have had to use this tactic is from buds causing the branches to fold over. What happened was I started the grow with the lights too high, and so the branches stretched out to be long and skinny. Once the buds started growing in, they became too heavy for the branches and started to actually fold and snap the stems.  

To save the plants and buds, I took string and tied it to the highest part of the branch that didn't have bud growing on it. Then I tied the other end of the string to the support frame of the grow tent to pull it into the upright position. It is also a good idea to use this technique as a way to pull branches away from each other and into open spaces. What this does is it creates space for the buds to grow even larger, and to absorb more light for even more growth!  

When tying the string to the plant itself, be gentle and don't do any damage to leaves and such. Cannabis plants are much more fragile in the flower phase as they can no longer grow more vegetation. Also be sure to tie the knot so it isn't too tight around the stem, as this can lead to damage. When you tie the other end of the string to the support frame, be sure to leave some slack so the branch is not being forcefully tugged on. This too will lead to severe damage after some time.

Once you have all of the damaged buds strung and tied to the support frame, you are ready to carry on with your grow just as before! Be very cautious of the strings when maintaining your plants, as you don't want to bump and tug on them by accident. It would be easy enough to damage the buds that way. 

That is all I have for now, but as always thank you for reading and


Dylan Osborn @ GreenBox Grown