An update on the Basic Indoor & Outdoor Grows

Hello and welcome back for another Grow Update on my Indoor & Outdoor Basic Cannabis Grows. Both Grows just started flower about 9 days ago and are already showing nice signs of early buds!

When I say "Basic Grow," I am referring to a grow with little to no LST and a shorter vegetation period. Only about 4-5 weeks of veg before I put the plants into flower. The only Training I have done on these plants was a couple of toppings early on as well as some LST or bending of the branches. I was still able to get several tops for each plant with the little work I put into them, which shows how much you can increase yields with just a little bit of training!  

The Indoor Grow is also following the "Basic" guidelines and is a great example of how to set up and execute a proper indoor cannabis grow. If you are interested in watching the full "Indoor Cannabis Grow" Series, that will be live on the GreenBox Grown Video Section in the coming months!

That is all I have for now, but I will be back in the coming weeks with a new update on both of these cannabis grows to show how much the Buds have grown.

Until then, thank you for watching and Happy Growing!!!

Dylan Osborn

Founder @ GreenBox Grown