"Seed Germination" & "Autoflower" Series Now Live!

With these 2 New Video Series you can start your cannabis grow from seed, both Autoflower and Feminized, and our Autoflower Series will walk you through every step of the grow!  Below are the links to each series.  Enjoy!

"Starting from Seed" Pt. 1

This video is the first of a 3 part series which outlines the steps to starting you autoflower, regular or feminized cannabis seeds and to get them off to a healthy start. The first stage of starting from seed is Germination. This is the process of getting the seed to crack open and grow its first tap root.

Once the tap root has sprouted, the seed is ready to be planted into a Rapid Rooter which is a peat moss pellet great for promoting rapid seedling growth. Once you are at this stage, you are ready for part 2 of this series, "Seedling Stage."

It usually takes 1-2 days max for the seed to sprout out of the rapid rooter and 2 grow its first set of cotyledon leaves.  

Only a few days after that happens, your seedlings will grow their first set of what are called sedated leaves, and they should have a root or 2 growing out of the bottom of the rooter. Once this happens, you are ready to plant the rapid rooters into a solo cup for the next stage of growth.

Around this time, your seedlings will have a total of 3 sets of fan leaves, also referred to as nodes. Once your plant has 3 nodes, you can begin feeding it with nutrients. Start with one quarter strength and slowly work up to full.

Providing the first nutrient feeding is always exciting because it is usually followed by extremely rapid growth!

"Autoflower Series" Pt. 1

Welcome to the Autoflower Series by GreenBox Grown. In this 7 week video series, I will walk you through all the steps to growing top shelf auto flower plants. The series is broken down into 6 weekly videos, and begins at the beginning of vegetation. We also have a Starting from Seed Series, which walks you through the germination process and everything you need to know about growing from cannabis seeds.

Once you have completed this video, you are ready to move on to the next video in the Autoflower series.

As always, thank you for reading and 

Happy Growing!!!
Dylan Osborn

Founder @ GreenBox Grown