The WaxMaid Mr. & Miss Y Starter Kit Review!

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They also offer a lot of other sizes and water pipe designs on their site.

In this product review, I review the Mr. and Mrs. Y water pipes by Wax Maid. For those of you who are new to Waxmaid, they produce the healthiest silicone water pipes and accessories for easy on the go smoking! More details at

I was lucky enough to have Wax Maid send me the Mr and Mrs. Y starter kit so I could try it out and give you guys my review on it. After trying, I can honestly say these pipes produce an extremely smooth hit. Not only that, they are easy to take on hikes and other outdoor actives because they are made of silicone and are easy to fill and clean out. The 18mm adapter fits into an "invisible stem" made of silicone, and the bull is 14mm. These specific pipes are available in 11 colors.

Also, they come with a lanyard which makes it easy to transport and the bowl/downstem are very durable so they are unlikely to break if handled with care.

Another cool feature is the bottom of the water pipe pops out so you can store stuff inside such as the bowl piece. If you are someone worried about smoking out of a silicone pipe for health reasons, there is no need to worry with WaxMaid Products. they are made from BPA Free, Non Toxic, 100% FDA Approved Food Grade, Platinum Cured Silicone. Inside of the downstem there is a little magnet which is for sticking your lighter too. I didn't really find this to really add any value but it was still cool to have.

After using these 2 WaxMaid water pipes for over a week now, I can say that they quickly took over as my mode of smoking on the go or while outdoors. They are small but functional, and easy to take around without having to worry about breaking anything. You can also take a sizable rip from even the smaller piece, so there is no issues with smokeability. Overall I highly recommend the WaxMaid Water Pipe for anyone who spends a lot of time smoking outdoors in nature and on the go in the car.  

As always, thank you for watching and Happy Growing!!!

Dylan Osborn 

Founder @ GreenBox Grown