Cutting off my Hair for Locks of Love

To make your Locks of Love Contribution, Visit:

Today I am going to be changing it up a bit, in that I will be talking about Locks of Love apposed to Cannabis Growing. So for the last 2 years, I have been growing out my hair for the purpose of cutting it off and donating it to The Locks of Love Foundation! Now that my hair has grown to the proper length, I have had it cut off and shipped to the Locks of Love Office!  

As I mention in the video, I decided to do this type of a donation because it feels truly special to be giving up a part of myself in order to help someone else. Making a monetary donation is always an amazing gift, but this time I wanted to help in a different way. Anyways, you will see in the video I have to put my hair into a bunch of mini ponytails which looks hilarious! And you also get to see what I look like with short hair.  

I hope I have inspired some of you to make some sort of a contribution to a foundation, and please be sure to spread this kind of positive thinking to those around you. It will only attract my positive things into your life!

As always, thank you for watching and

Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn

Founder @ GreenBox Grown