Time to Harvest the Northern Lights Autoflowers!

Today is a special day, because we just harvested our Northern Lights Autoflower Plants!  I had 6 plants total, and I will be weighing the buds once they have dried so I have a more accurate number.  However, I did weigh a couple of the larger Colas, and a few weighed in at 1.5+ Ounces! 

With the Colas, I always like to hand trim, since they are the highest quality buds on the plant.  When it comes to the smaller, more undeveloped popcorn buds, I just throw them into the bowl trimmer as they do not need as detailed of a job.  

Once trimmed, they are ready to dry.  With buds still on the branch, you want to hang them upside-down from a bit of string.  All you have to do is choose one of the lower branches that v's off from the main stem, turn it over and hang it on the string.  When it comes to the popcorn buds, I but those on a hanging rack dryer, which is captured in the video if you'd like to see it.  

Now that I have completed the Harvest of my Northern Lights Autoflower Plants, this series is officially over.  I will be back shortly with a new series of course, but until next time Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn

Founder @ GreenBox Grown