Cannabis Growing Starter Kits now available: "Starter Kits & Supplies"

To purchase your starter kit today, please visit our "Seeds & Supplies" section on the GreenBox Grown Website.

Hi all, I am very excited to announce the Launch of our all new Cannabis Growing Starter Kits & Grow Packages.  These starter kits come with all the supplies you will need to grow the best cannabis possible, from start to harvest!  These Cannabis Growing Starter Kits are designed for the Home Grower, and are perfect for first time growers as well as the seasoned veteran!

We offer 2 different kinds of starter kits, outdoor & indoor, and each comes in 3 different sizes.  Small, Medium and Large.  The outdoor starter kits come with a greenhouse as your grow space, while the indoor starter kits come with an indoor grow tent which easily fits into a closet or open space in your room.  

I would also like to mention that all of our products and sold and shipped through Amazon, so not only are you receiving the best possible price for what you order, but it will be delivered with he fastest possible shipping as well.

With the launch of our Cannabis Growing Starter Kits, you will also notice we have completely redesigned our seeds & supplies store, making it easier than ever for you to browse our products!

Thank You & Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn 

Founder @ GreenBox Grown