New Indoor & Outdoor Grow Series to Come!

Now that some of the more advanced and complicated grow series have been uploaded, I decided it was time to do a really simple and basic grow. I have also been getting a lot of inquiries about growing indoors, so I am starting a series on how to do that as well!  In this video, I show you the setup for both of these new grow series and I transplants the clones into their smart pots!

For this new basic outdoor grow, I am using a medium sized greenhouse, with 1 Mars Hydro 300w LED for supplemental lighting, 2 fans for air circulation, and a heater for colder nights.  I will be using the fox farms dirty dozen for nutrients, I am using 3 gallon smart pots and am growing in a coco coir perlite mix.  It is the Readygro Aeration mix.  The clones come from Kind Peoples in Santa Cruz, and I have a Platinum Purple and a Royal Orange. 

When I say a basic grow, what I mean is no training techniques or extended vegetation periods.  Instead, I will grow in a medium sized greenhouse on the side of my house, with 2 photoperiod plants.  I will be starting from clone, and I will not be performing most LST & training techniques.  No SCROG, no Hook LST, and very minimal topping if any.  I want this series to really be about growing cannabis in the easiest way possible, while still yielding a quality result. 

For the Indoor Grow, the setup is almost identical to the greenhouse outside.  The only difference is the light will be running for the full 18 hours each day, as that is the only source of sunlight in the tent.  I highly recommend using a timer for your lights so you can forget about turning them on and off at the perfect times.  This grow will also be done following the "Basic" guidelines, so no LST or SCROG.  I will probably top once or twice, however.   

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You will also notice the tent I am growing in is different than the greenhouses, and that is because this particular one is made for indoor growing.  The interiors are made with a reflective material so light reaches all areas of the room, and there are also vents for air circulation.  These plants are also in 3 gallon smart pots, and I will be using the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen for nutrients.  The strains for this tent are 1 Double Tangie Banana and 1 Lemon Banana Sherbet! 

It will be fun to compare both an Indoor and Outdoor grow side by side with almost the exact same inputs, and see which yields the better results for both quantity and quality.

For now, that is all I have to update you will on these 2 new grows, but be sure to look out for the full series coming out in a few months on  I will also upload a new update on these grows once the plants are a few days away from entering flower.

Until next time,

Happy Growing!