The Rock Box By Rock Nutrients!

In this video I review the Rock Box Nutrient Package, by Rock Nutrients!  Please note that if you are growing in Coco Coir like I do, you will need to add a wetting agent to your nutrients mix, and you will want to pH your mixes to be between 5.5-6.5.

The first thing I would like to say about the Rock Box, is it is a great entry level nutrient package. The kit comes with everything you need from seed to harvest, and is inexpensive. Also, the package only has 5 different nutrient solutions, making it extremely easy to follow the feeding schedule. One thing I would like to mention is the rock nutrient line doesn't come from all natural ingredients, like the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen or the General Organics GO Box. This is a negative in my opinion, as I do like to grow as natural as possible so I can have the cleanest end result possible. Don't get me wrong, you will be completely ok using synthetic nutrients, it is just a personal preference for me to grow as natural as possible.

With that in mind, the results from the Rock Box are outstanding. I recently used the nutrient line on a Girl Scout Cookies grow I did a few months back, and the plants had explosive growth! Once the nutrients were introduced to the plants, they began to take off. The nutrients also helped speed up recovery time for the plants, as Topping and other Training Techniques didn't really slow growth down. Also, once they were in flower, bud growth and development was extremely fast, and in the end the result was large dense colas.  


When comparing the Rock Box Next to the Dirty Dozen by Fox Farms, I would say they results are very comparable with maybe a little bit larger buds coming from the Rock Box. As mentioned above, the nutrients are not derived from all natural ingredients, so there is a tradeoff. I like to go with the more natural product, even if it means a slight sacrifice in bud size. That's alright with me as I am always going for Quality and not Quantity! If you aren't concerned with the type of ingredients going into your cannabis plants, then the Rock Box is great option for you!

Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn