GreenBox Grown Patreon Subscriptions Upgrades!


What's up cannabis Growers and welcome to the official GreenBox Grown patreon page, the best site for learning how to grow top shelf Cannabis right at home. Now I've just released all of the subscription options on the GreenBox Grown patreon page and wanted to take this opportunity to give you guys a quick rundown on what these new features and updates will be. Now I will go over that more details and just a second, but all of these upgrades will be things that are related to The Grow hotline. 

First, I would just like to say that we are greatly appreciative of all of your donations to the GreenBox Grown Channel, as we couldn't doing this without your help. Thankfully with the help of you guys on my patreon page, I can continue to make awesome grow videos to teach you guys how to grow top-shelf cannabis right at home. With your guys’ support I can also continually keep the hotline open and I can keep all texting free, as well as expand the hotline so we can handle the huge increase in calls and texts that have been coming in lately.

 Now if you check out our patreon page, you'll see that the updated subscriptions start at $3 for all of our exclusive content and access to that information and videos a week before anyone else. From there you can upgrade the GreenBox Grown hotline by unlocking certain features such as one-on-one phone calls as well as video chats with myself so you can maximize yields and get the best results for your grow at home. Now the grow hotline will always be 100% free for texting in, and you will always get a 24 hour response time with those questions. This will never cost you any money and you'll never have to get a monthly subscription in order to text in with all your growing questions. 

Once you have subscribed to one of the GreenBox Grown packages on our Patreon Page, you'll need to activate your account by texting the phone number provided during sign up. That is very important because until you activate your account, you will not be able to use the features that you are paying for. Another cool update that you'll see on the Patreon page are the new goals that I've added. Now some of those include starting And cloning and how to grow a mother plant groceries. As well as upgrading my filming equipment from an iPhone to a camera. This will allow me to shoot in 4K video and I will also be able to get other upgrades for better quality sound and visuals for my filming. 

For those of you who are curious on how else I help first-time cannabis Growers, you can see on my website that I provide a whole host of how to grow videos that are 100% free. And I also offer complete starter kits that include every Supply you need from start to finish to get your cannabis grow going. 

All right guys that's everything I had to share with you on the news subscriptions and upgrades on the grow hotline, but I just wanted to thank you guys one more time for all of your support and for joining on the GreenBox Grown patreon page. Like I said we really couldn't do without you guys. As always thank you for watching until next time

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown