Manual Rosin Press by Rosineer in Action


Whats Up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown. As always my name is Dylan, and today I'll be doing another rosin pressing video for you guys. And I will be using my Rosineer Manual Rosin Press that you guys can see right here.  And so after my last Rosin Pressing video I got a lot of feedback on some ways I can make better yields and better results. Some of those ways were instead of after pre-pucking the 3 grams of weed, instead of pressing the cylinder on its side, I've been told it's going to be a lot better if I just press it from top to bottom. So that's just sitting right on the bottom and you kind of squish it down like a can. And It'll get you a better yield and way better results. 

So I'm going to do a press trying that out, and I was also told that a lower temperature could help. Like 10 degrees lower so instead of doing it at 200 degrees, I'll be doing one at 180 or 190. And I'll give you guys the translation to Celsius as this machine is in Celsius. And I'll also be doing a press where I use this 90 Micron filter bag, so we'll see how that works out and we'll see how it is for pressing with the cylinder from top to bottom. 

I also want to remind you guys that I've updated the different subscriptions that are available on the GreenBox Grown patreon page. And a lot of them offer unlockable upgrades for the GreenBOx Grow Hotline, such as one on one video calls.  So definitely check that out and I'll have the link to our patreon page down below in the description. Also feel free to visit the GreenBox Grown website for other Rosin Pressing videos that I've made, as well as other ways to make concentrates out of your home grown cannabis.

 So now that you guys know what we will be doing in today's video, I'm going to get the Press warmed up to 200 degrees since we'll be doing that first, and I'm going to puck Up 3 grams of this double Tangie, which I already showed you guys how to do that last time. 

All right here's a quick shot, 3.04 grams, so I'll be pressing it into the puck, and again this is the double Tangie banana. All right now I'm going to use my kief press to press it into a puck. So in just a second here I will be pressing this little puck, and again 3.04 grams of the double Tangie banana. Another thing people said was to make sure I test the heat plates to make sure they're at the right. 

So I got this heat gun, and right now they're not heated up all the way so I'm going to wait for that, but once they have heated up all the way I will do a quick test and then we'll put this little nug and side of some parchment paper and will press it. All right so it'll just be a second before this is finished heating up. 

All right so the place just hit 105, and I'm going to get a reading on here and let's see I can't really do with the camera is because these dogs have to be touching. All right yeah it's right at 200 degrees Fahrenheit, A little over now. Alright perfect so now start the press. And again you want to make sure you're pressing it like this, the cylinder up and down not on its side. And I'm going to be sliding and a piece of parchment paper making sure that it's right in the middle of the parchment paper as well as the middle of the plates, the heat plates. 

As you don't want it to the front or to the back as you just want it right in the center, and then lower it slowly you need to apply decent amount of pressure if you have it set right, so just kind of lien on it but you don't want to put all of your weight on the very end of the handles or else I could snap. So just eat it from redistributed until, and you'll hear it. There goes and you should be able to here and there you might see some come out so let's just give it a good 45 seconds to a minute. Some people are saying but we will see. Oh yeah you can see it coming out already.

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Alright folks here we are after a minute and a half,  and you can see that was some pretty good how much better a year old, then when I did it on its side obviously. And it is very light in color, I will do a better close up later to compare the two. But now I'm going to do the lower temp of 180 to 190, which I'll be setting to 93 degrees C and for the Press I did hear it was such that 105 degrees Celsius which is just over 200 degrees Fahrenheit. So let me get this up and I've got the other puck already pressed, and we'll get on with it.

All right all right the plates are now he did, and I've got my Puck of 3 grams right here. And I'm going to put it in the middle of this parchment paper and give it another squish. This time I'm going to do it a little longer, maybe do it to 2 and 1/2 minutes since the temp is lower, and just make sure to get it right in the middle of this plate so it doesn't come out the sides at all. And start the squish slowly so you ease into it, don't just slam the lever down. And then don't flip your machine over. 

All right so the lever is locked out now and you can sort of see it coming out right there. It's definitely sizzling a lot less with the lower temp, but it looks a lot lighter in color as well which means a lot less contaminants from the plant material. So yields will probably be a little lower with the lower temp but the quality will be much higher so it's definitely a preference thing. 

All right I just lifted the lever for this lower temp press and you'll still look pretty good. Color is much lighter I would say, yields are a little less. Let's do a quick comparison over here.  Alright, so here we are, got my finger stuck in the Rosin. Alright this is the lower temp and now here's the higher temp.  so really I'd say not too much difference in color. The low temp looks a little lighter in color than me but the high temp definitely got more of the yield. And I will definitely be pressing both of these parts. All right now it's get the 90 micron filter bag and let's do a press with that one.

 All right now it is time to do the filter bag which I'll be using the Rosin Evolution brand and you want to turn the bag inside out inside-out as this will prevent any blow outs with the bag.  And it's really important you get the corners all the way out don't leave those still hold it in. When you're packing the weed in here you don't want to pre puck actually, I think I said that earlier but I was wrong. Do you just want to pack in here as tightly as possible so it fits the shape as the bag and what you do is fold over and cut the excess. So there's just an inch above where the weed is and then you'll pull that over and press it while in the parchment paper. So let me pack this and then I'll show you how to press it.

 So as you can see I'm really pushing it down into the bag as much as possible to prevent any air pockets. And then once you have that push down as much as possible, you can give it a little flattening out with your hands. So this is pretty much ready to go, so just you're going to cut the excess off and leave it over and then we will press it. The press is all heated up, so I'm just going to fold this over and leave the flap on top. Put this back in the middle of the parchment paper and you are ready to go.

And now that it is locked out you can hear it sizzling, and this is again at the high temp of 200 degrees and I'll probably do this one for 2 and 1/2 minutes. Here we are after 3 minutes, and that's with the filter bag, and you can see I mean that looks like dispensary grade rosin right there as it is very light in color. The Yields are a lot smaller because I think a lot is still trapped in the bag and the filter bag, so I don't think I had that tightly enough around the weed, but you can definitely see. Here I'll get you guys in a comparison over here. You can see how it's like gold right there, and over here a little darker a little greenish. Still really good quality.

Alright, now time for my favorite part which is testing out this rosin, so let’s go do a couple dabs. Alright folks just heated up my new quartz Banger, I don't know if you can see from there but it's obviously cleaner now and it's a lot thinker on the inner walls so it stays hot a lot longer. I also picked up this carb cap and a ball shaped one, and it's working out really nicely. So I'm going to scrape up a little dab of some of this rosin and I'm going to go with the high temp the first press that we did today from my first tester. 

You can see when it's hot it's really gooey, but when it's it dries and cools off after about 5 or 10 minutes it kind of becomes like a shattery, it kind of still gooey but it becomes more shatter so if you pick at it it comes right off the parchment paper really easily. Alright so I've got a pretty good size dab right here, alright cheers guys.

Alright that was a really smooth hit, as always with Rosin. You get a really tasty hit because you get all those terpenes in there, and you don't have any of the plant material that you're inhaling so it's just pure THC and that plant flavor. So definitely worth getting a press if you're growing at home. Obviously, I still like to smoke bud and flower, but it's also nice to switch it up with some rosin every once in awhile and you don't have to go to the dispensary to buy it, so that's really convenient. 

Alright guys that is everything I have for today's rosin pressing video, but if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with any questions or feedback. Also don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. Thank you guys as always for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown