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What’s Up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown!  Today is officially the first video for my LST Autoflower grow that I've been mentioning. What that means is I'm going to be doing low stress training for the entire grow of my Autoflower plants. So this video is going to be the germination process, and the first steps of that at least.  And I'm also going to show you guys the grow room and the set up I'll be using for this grow, so now that you guys know what the video is all about, let's get started!

 So before I show you guys the grow setup, I'm going to get these seeds in the water germinating first. The way this is done is you're going to want to pH your water anywhere in the range of 5.5 to 6.5.  I've got these two glasses here at 5.5. I've got one glass for my Tangerine Dream seeds that I'll be germinating and I'll have two of those going. And the other glass is for my blue Amnesia seeds courtesy of The Ministry of Cannabis, and I'll be doing two of those as well. 

And the Tangerine Dream seeds come from The Growers Choice seeds website. So once you have your two glasses, and I'm having two glasses so I can have one for each strain and I can keep them separate and keep track of them that way. So once you have that water PHd, all you have to do is put your seeds in the water, and you'll leave them in there for 14 to 18 hours. You want to get them to try and sink to the bottom of the glass, they may not always do that and sometimes they have to give the guys for a few hours first. And then you can push them down. 

So here we go, I got one, so this is the Tangerine Dream glass, so I got one. 2 and now I'll put the blue dream, I'm sorry the blue Amnesia seeds in their glass. And I'll just leave them in here overnight as well as some of tomorrow, and once they hit that 14 to 18 hour range of being in the glasses, I'm going to then put them in a moist paper towel which will be the next shot in this video. I'll leave them in there until their Tap Root grows out. 1 blue Amnesia, to Blue Amnesia, these are autoflowers as I have mentioned. Once the Taproot is about half an inch in length, I'll be planting them and these rockwool cubes here in these are 1 and 1/2 inch by one and a half in, but there will be more details on that once we get to that point.

So now I have my seeds in here soaking, and I'm going to wait a couple of hours where I push them to the bottom. And in the meantime let's go check out the grow setup. All right here we are with the seeds in the glasses of water and then still not sinking to the bottom. You can try tapping them like this pushing them down, and they usually just go on their own. So just leave them for now and keep pushing them down every hour or so. 

Once those have germinated and are in their rockwool cubes, I'll be putting them in this Little Seedling tent and you'll see I've got the 45 watt LED light there. The humidity Dome and tray, as well as a little heat mat which I'll use for when they're in the paper towels as well as it's good for keeping them warm. I've got the humidity and temperature thermometer as well as the wifi-enabled light switch. So I can turn things on and off on my smartphone, such as little light, the fan, as well as the heater.

Over here you can see I have the rest of the equipment, such as my grow light and this is a 900 watt viparspectra LED. I'm going to be doing LST of course, as that is what this entire grow is all about. And what I'm going to do since I'm going to be in fabric pots, I'm going to put these around the edges like so, so you have these handles up top.  Clip it down like that handles up top, and then I'll use this garden wire to pull the branches down and loop it through and tie it through these like hooks. 

So I'll use this is kind of as an anchoring point. Got my carbon filter of course over here, and the big fan that goes with it. I've got the ratcheting light hangers so I can adjust the height of the lights. That is really key. So let's go check out the tent really quickly and then I'll show you guys the seeds. Hopefully they’ll be falling down to the bottom of the glass.

 Here is the tent and this is a 48 inch by 48 inch by 6 and 1/2 feet. I'll have my fans and lights set up in here but while the seeds are germinating I just have it empty with the supplies down there. I'll show you once it's all set up and ready to go. So the seeds aren't really going down just yet so I'm going to give them a few more tries to soak in. But just keep trying with yours until they sink to the bottom, give them about 30 minutes at a time to stoke a little longer and then they should go down. But I'll be back once the seeds have finished up there 14 to 18 hours of soaking and then we'll put them in the most paper towel on the paper plate.

Here we are about 14 hours, 14 and a half hours later. From when I put the seeds into the glasses of water. So last night I was able to get the seeds to sink to the bottom, so you see they are at the bottom now. If you are not able to that's okay, it is just better to get them to sink to the bottom. So now what we are going to be doing is putting them in here in a paper towel that's soaked in that water. And then I'm going to put them on this place, and what that is going to do is cause them to crack open and grow out their first Taproot. 

I'll have them on his heat mat right here, and this light will be off cuz you want to keep them in a dark environment with some good air movement, but you want them to be warm. That will help speed up the process of germinating the seeds and getting them the crack. So that's what this heat mat is 4 and I made turn on this space heater hear just barely, so I can help warm up the room a little bit here.  As it is a bit chilly here right now in Northern California. 

So I'm going to dump out some of this excess water that is in the cups right now. Then I'll show you guys how to pour them out onto the plates. So I emptied out some of the water, I still have a little bit left cuz I do want to soak the paper towels so they are moist. You don't want them so they are sopping wet, but you do want them moist. So what I did is I took a few paper towels and I folded them over, and then I labeled each play with the strain that will be on there. So I will start with the Tangerine Dream and all you have to do is pour it out onto this napkin. And on the plate like so. Spread the water out, make sure there isn't a pool of water either, so I will be draining a lot off here and I'll show you that. 

But but then once that's done, you're going to fold a paper towel over the seeds so they are completely wrapped in the voice blanket of paper towel. Now I'm going to do the blue Amnesia seeds and yeah definitely too much water, so I'm going to pour this out in a second here and then I'll show you what it looks like once the water has been poured out. All right all the excess water has been dumped out, so you can see here there isn't any water moving around and the paper towel is moist and has been soaked but it is not dripping wet. And that is exactly how you want it to be.

So once you got it like this you just want to cover the seeds with a paper towel by folding it over so you're going to go like that and like that and that's it. Very simple and you're going to want to keep the seeds in the dark so this light is just on right now for showing the video, but once we're done filming here I'm going to turn it off and close out this little Grow room so they are in complete darkness. I'm going to try to keep the temperature at 75 degrees so that will help them germinate a little more quickly and with getting that Taproot going. 

Once the Taproot is about a half an inch in length, that is when I’m going to plant it in the rockwool cube. And I will give you guys a couple of shots over the next couple of days of the roots popping out, and then I'll start planting the seeds in rockwool cubes.  All right here we are about 12 hours later, and a common thing that'll happen is the paper towels will dry out. These are still slightly damp but they need to be a little more than this. 

So all you have to do is get a cup of water from the faucet, and pour it lightly on to the paper towel so you resoak them. And again you don't want a puddle to form on the plate, you just want the paper towel to be holding the right amount of water. So it's not overly wet. It's important to check on your paper towel as frequently as you can, I do it every 3 to 4 hours just to make sure it doesn't dry out, because if it does try out that can cause a lot of problems and can easily start the seeds. You obviously don't want that to happen.

 Here we are another day later and the seeds have cracked open and some of them already have a Taproot growing out so I just want to show you guys. You can see this one's got about a quarter inch in length of a Taproot.  This one just has a little bit, so this guy I'm going to wait till it is a little longer and then I'm going to plant them both at the same time so they're on the same track. So those are the blue Amnesia seeds, and then the Tangerine Dream seeds are a little behind. One of them has not talked yet but the other has. 

But the roots are growing pretty slow as you can see on the one on the left there. So yeah another day or so and then these guys will be put into their rockwool cubes. All right here we are 12 hours later and the seeds have sprouted tap roots that are about a half inch to a little bit longer in length, so that means they are ready to be planted into their rockwool cubes. Here you can see the seeds and their Taproot. Transplanting them into the rockwool cubes is a very easy process, but there are a few steps to it.

First, you're going to want to obviously have your rockwool cubes which I have grodan cubes right here. These are the 2 inch by 2 inch cubes which is a perfect size. Then you're going to want to get a bowl of water and then you're going to want pH it to 5.5, and you're going to soak the rockwool cube in there before you put the seed in. So what you're going to do is completely submerge the cube and it's full of water for 10 seconds, and then you're going to place it into the tray here where you will put the seed into the little hole in the middle of the cube.

 Then you will cover that hole so there is no light getting in, and that is essentially the whole process.  Alright so let's get started with doing the first blue Amnesia seed. Before I get started I want to give you guys a quick intro to the conditions you want to have for this set up. So you'll see I've got my tray and there is pH water at 5.5 in the bottom there, and that is just so it helps with keeping a high humidity once the Dome goes on as well as with keeping these rockwool cubes wet. You'll see I have a temperature humidity monitor in the tray and you're going to want to keep temperature around 75 degrees Fahrenheit and humidity is going to be in the range of 65 to 75%. And so it's going to be a little low right now because the humidity dome is not on, but that is okay because it will go up once I put it on. 

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Alright guys, so again like I said take your Cube, you're going to have to break it off and here is the whole I was talking about. That is where the seed will go Root Down of course. So I'm going to just soak it in the pH water for 10 seconds, and again that is at 5.5 pH. You're not going to squeeze the cube afterwards either, you're just going to pull it right out and then put it in the tray with the whole up of course. And then I'm going to take my plate with the Blue Amnesia seeds. 

Don't touch the root with your fingers as well as you don't want to get any of your oils on there, so just be gentle when you grab the seed and to go route down. And you're going to want it be completely below the surface so it is not above and getting in the sunlight or the grow light. And then you're just going to kind of use your fingers to push it together at the top like so. Again so no light gets in. 

All right, so that's just one see done after I have all of the other seats. Actually first I'm going to take, I've got my blue Amnesia marker so you can see and remember which cube is which I'm just going to put that in there. Once I'm done with all of these I'll put this humidity Dome on with the vents completely closed. I'm going to spray the inside and missed it and miss everything here so it's high humidity and then I'll close up and I'll be all done. So let me get the other cubes filled with the Seas and I'll be right back.

 Alright, all of the seeds have been planted in their rockwool cubes so I'm now going to mist the interior of the humidity Dome. And that's going to be with pH water at 5.5. And you're going to want to mist the interior of this dome several times each day throughout the day and And you're also going to want to mist your plants and make sure there is a slight amount of water in the tray below, I like to fill it so the slats are just filled almost to the top but not all the ways you don't want to drown the plants. 

You also want to make sure these guys are getting 18 hours of light each day as well as 6 hours of complete darkness. And within 12 to 24 hours you should see the seed pop up above the rockwool cube, and that will officially be the start of the seedling stage which is where next video will start with these seeds right here.Here is also a quick shot with the quick LED light on. And that's a 45 watt light, I'm using that instead of the white light as it seems to work best with the seedlings. But it's just really cool saying that.

 Alright folks, that concludes part one of my LST Autoflower grow, which is the germination stage. I'll be back with part 2 of this grow which will be the seedling phase and that will eventually lead into vegetation.  In the meantime, if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback. Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown YouTube channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest Grows. Until next time, thank you guys for watching and as always... 


 Happy Growing!!! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown