The Final Weeks of Flower


What's up, cannabis growers and welcome back for the Screen of Green grow series by GreenBox Grown.  This is now officially week eight of flower and in this video I will also be covering weeks nine and ten of flower, and the reason for that is I'm on the last week of my nutrient feeding chart.  And so I'm just going to be repeating that for the next three weeks and there's no need for an individual video for each one of those feedings and the rest of the week's going to be pretty much the same thing what I'm doing to the plants so I figure I would just cover it in one video and save you guys the hassle of having to watch all three.

    So when it comes to your plants you just repeat this video, what I do in this video for three weeks and then you'll be ready for the final flushing of your plants.  And, like I said, this will be the final nutrient mix that I'm using and just repeat it for the next three weeks so that you still are feeding nutrients right up until that flush.  In this video I'll also be covering the update of how the buds are turning out.  And you guys will see how frosty and dense they have gotten thus far, and I think you guys are going to like how they turned out.  They're looking really good.  And, of course, if you guys want to jump ahead in this grow video series all you got to do is go to greenboxgrown.Com and you'll see under the videos tag there's the SCROG button that will take you to the whole grow series.  All right.  Now let's go take a look at how the buds have progressed right up to the first day of week eight for flower.  

    Here we are for the first day of the week and I'm just going to give you guys a little close up on how the buds have developed since the last time we looked at them.  You can see all of the white pistols, or at least the majority of them are now orange in color, actually it's hard to see with the LEDs on but they're no longer white and they're no longer standing up.  Most of them are orange and they are all curled in towards the bud.  And you can see the buds have pretty much connected from top to the SCROG and they're really starting to fill out and get nice and dense, and, of course, the smell in here is absolutely strong and potent right now.  It smells amazing.  

    This is the next day and we're going to do the nutrient feeding which is week 12 on the Fox Farm Dirty Dozen feeding chart.  And, like I said, this is the last week of -- on the chart so I'm going to be repeating this week each time I do nutrients from here on out.  And I'll also be adding my one teaspoon of CalMag, per gallon of water, as well as my half a teaspoon of Coco Wet per gallon of water.  

    All right, now that everything is mixed up and pH'd to 5.8 I'm going to water the plants.  And now that they are at this size I'm giving each plant about a gallon of the nutrient mix, as well as when I'm doing the plain pH'd water.  I'm giving them about a gallon each at this point.  And like you can see here, I like to give them a little bit at a time, let it soak in and then give some more.  And that way the plant really gets an even watering all the way through the soil.  

    Once the SCROG really fills out, you'll start to notice some foliage beneath it, or at least beneath the main canopy that starts to die off and that is normal and just because it's not getting any sunlight down there, and really you don't need this foliage since it's below the SCROG.  So what I do is I just pull it off usually a barely gentle tug or a very gentle tug, will pull it right off, it will just come right off because it's already dead and no longer really attached to the plant.  And then once you've gotten that all pulled off, be sure to throw those away, not, you know, in the soil or near the grow site.  You don't really want those decomposing into the soil and attracting any bugs like that.  That's never good.  

    And, like I said, this is pretty standard for these leaves to die off like that.  And it's a good idea to pull them out just so they don't fall into the soil like I was talking about a second ago.  And yeah, that's pretty much all you need to know.  You can see this bud down here below, the SCROG is actually developing really nicely, it's really frosty.  And now it's time to get rid of all these leaves and make sure they're not anywhere near the grow sites.  I'm just going to throw them out there.  And yeah, just always keep your grow site clean, you don't want anything growing and developing in there that will hurt the plants or harm them.  So that's why I always just throw the dead foliage out.  

    Few days later and the plants are ready for another watering.  So I'm going to give them just a plain pH'd water.  And again, each one is getting about a gallon, so you really want to soak the plants and get about 15 percent runoff at this point.    

    Another day later and the plants aren't ready for watering yet but I just want to show you guys how the buds have developed over the course of this week thus far.  Here you can see the hairs are actually really orange and all curled in.  You can see how big the buds are getting, as well as how frosty they are.  And in a second here I'll give you a good close-up to show that.  

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    Again, a classic Blue Dream smell is filling up the whole tent and I think these guys have a little bit more to go in terms of filling out but they are pretty much almost there, just a few more weeks to go and then we're going to flush them.  And at the end of this video I'll give you a close-up on the Trichomes to show you that.  

    Here we are at the last day of the week and I want to give you another close-up on the buds while they're under the LED light because you can really get an idea of how frosty they are right from that shot you just saw.  And you can see, yeah, here we go, when I get up close, I mean, it's almost like they are covered in frost like I keep saying.  And from this angle you can really see how big the buds have gotten, how dense they are.  And even this one underneath the SCROG is doing well.  

    Here we are for the the close-up on the Trichomes. And these guys aren't ready for harvest but they are ready to start the flush and I'm aiming for about 35 percent amber Trichomes, so I like to start the flush at about ten percent amber.  And again, you want to look at the Trichomes that are on the bud, not on the fan leaves, even though the fan leaves show amber Trichomes, they seem to develop a lot faster than the ones on the buds.  So just wait till the buds turn about ten percent amber and you're ready to flush.  And like you can see here this is the sugar leaf and there's a lot of amber in there and that's normal.  If you want more amber or less than just adjust when you start to flush.  

    All right, folks, that is all I have for this week's video but once you have completed all the steps from this video on your plants, you are ready to move on to the final video for this grow series which will be the final flush of your plants.  And, of course, that's going to be a two-week flush so you really get everything out of there but I'll have more details on that in the next video.  

    Until then, feel free to give this video a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below with your feedback.  Also, feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown channel and turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching, and until next time…


Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown