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What’s up cannabis growers and welcome back for week 15 in the Screen of Green Grow Series.  We are now in the middle of the flowering stage, and by the end of this video you will notice my Blue Dream plants starting to form pretty sizable buds.  They haven’t completely taken over the branch just yet, but they are getting close.  In this video I’ll be flushing these plants out really well and will cover the nutrient feeding for the week also.  At this point you should start to notice your colas are connecting down each branch and aren’t a bunch of tiny buds.  At the end of the video I will also give you a shot of the trichomes on these plants up close so we can see how they are and where they’ve developed since we first looked.  Alright, now lets get started with day 1 of the week which will be an update on the growth of my blue dream buds.

We’re having another foggy day hear in northern California so that’s why I’ve got the lights on during the day providing some extra light.  You should be able to notice a huge difference in the size of these buds since the last video as the are larger and much more frosty on top.  The smell is also extremely potent at this point and is noticeable from outside of the grow tent since I am not using a carbon filter.  You can see all of the white hairs have curled in and the buds are focusing on fattening up below the tops.  

This is the next day, and I will be doing a sledgehammer flush just to clean out the soil before the next nutrient feeding.  This helps prevent a build up of nutrients in the soil as well as any issues that would cause.  You should mix 2 tsp per gallon of water and half a tsp of coco wet per gallon, and then pH as usual.  Now you are ready to flush your plants.  Really flush them out good by providing enough water to get 15-20% runoff out of the bottom.  At this point I am providing almost a gallon of mix per plant to get the right amount of runoff.  

You can see the SCROG has done a nice job of keeping the branches at equal height even after I stopped training them.  It is also easier to see how big the buds have become when looking at them from this side view.  From an aerial view you can see they are getting extremely dense with trichomes and the hairs have curled down towards the bud.  Here’s a closeup of the tallest branch in the tent, and you can see there are still individual buds growing down the trunk that have yet to connect.  That is ok because this is a taller branch so it needs more time to grow.  You can see for the most part all of the buds are right at the same stage of growth and are all growing equal in size which is great.  There are no stragglers either or branches that fall outside of the grow lights footprint so that is another plus! 

The plants are ready for their next watering and it’s time to feed them their nutrients for the week.  I am doing the week 11 mix on the fox farm dirty dozen feeding chart and then I add half a tsp of coco wet and 1 tsp of cal mag per gallon of water.  Once everything has been stirred I pH to 5.8 and water the plants.  Now you can see how big these buds are getting and that means they need more water to get even bigger.  I’m going to be feeding each plant close to an entire gallon as this thorough watering will really make a difference with increasing the size of the buds.

Another day later and here is a shot of the plants without the lights on.  It’s harder to see the buds as the leaves cover them up more easily in this lighting, but when you get up close it’s easier to see how frosty and dense with trichomes they have become.  Underneath, there isn’t any vegetative growth going on that needs to be trimmed away and all of the branches look nice and healthy so I’ll leave this area alone.  

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This is one of the last days of the week and the plants are ready for a plain pHd watering.  These waterings are always easy as all you have to do is pH the water and then you’re ready to go.  This shot is from earlier in the grow, but with where my plants are actually at, I am providing each plant with a full gallon of water.  Don’t feed the entire gallon all at once though, you want to let it soak in a quarter gallon at a time so the plant gets more use from it.  

Here’s the shot of the trichomes up close and you can see they are no longer clear for the most part.  Instead they have become milky in color which means they are closer to being ready for harvest!  Once about 10% of the trichomes have turned amber, you will be ready to start your flush.  But I will give you more details on that once it is time for that step.  Right now you should just look and see what the trichomes on here look like so you can start to tell the difference between clear and cloudy.  It can be difficult to tell at first.

This is the last day of the week and you can see the white pistils are actually starting to turn orange which is another sign of maturity.  Eventually all of the hairs will be orange and curled inwards, and that will be right around the time these are ready for harvest usually.  Right now, temperature is a little low in this grow room as it should be closer to 75 degrees Fahrenheit.  I’ll just turn up the heater in here and that will help fix that issue.  While a few degrees may seem like not a big difference, when it comes to growing cannabis it can make the worlds a difference so always monitor temperature and humidity in your grow room.  Underneath the SCROG everything is still nice and healthy so no need to do anything down here, but it is always good to keep an eye on this part of your plants.  If an issue does arise, you want to catch it as early on as possible to prevent any severe damage.  

Alright folks, that concludes week 15 of the Screen of Green Grow series by GreenBox Grown, and that was also week 7 of flower.  There are only a few more weeks to go in this grow series but there is still a lot more bud growth that will happen before harvest and I will be back with more of that in next weeks video.  If you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…


Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown