In depth look at the Private Reserve Starter Kit Series

What's up cannabis growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown.  As always, my name is Dylan and today I'm excited to announce the launch of three brand new starter kit series, and each one will include a small, medium and large version.  And I've got a couple other cool starter kits and packages that I've got launched on the website that I'm going to be showing you in this video.  So before we go check that out, I've also got a couple things I want to show you that I'm going to be reviewing in the next couple days. 

 So I just got this in the mail, this is the bubble bag or the bubble bag dude, bubble hash maker, it's pretty cool how it works.  This is great for trim, it's great for bud that didn't turn out super great, and it will turn it into super nice hash or it's great for just sifting, getting out really nice hash from great bud if that's what you're looking for.  Then I've also been picking up some of this Raw Garden Live Resin from the local dispensary, because this is -- these are 15 dollars for half a gram of Live Resin.  Let me get the lid off here.  

But I mean, I don't know about you guys but the cheapest I've seen before this for half a gram of Live Resin is like 40 to 50 bucks.  And this stuff is really good quality still, so definitely worth checking these guys out and I'll be doing a little strain review on these later this week.  So look out for that.  And now let's go check out those new starter kits I was telling you guys about. 

    All right.  So here we are at the home page for and if you scroll down you'll see I've got all the different series broken down so you can see the individual details by them.  But I'll come back to this later in the video and show that.  First I'm just going to go to the starter kits page which is under the starter kits and supplies tab.  You'll see the first series here is the Deluxe Series and this is our cheapest line.  Still really great products but they aren't -- you know, there isn't all the included bells and whistles like an automated timer that you can control from your Smart Phone or the lights aren't the top of the line version.  But still really great.  You'll still get really good results from this line up.  And still at a really good price also.      

    Next is the Top-Shelf Series, you'll see on this one I've upgraded the grow tents are a lot nicer, as well as the grow lights.  These ones are actually dimmable.  You get the carbon filter system with this series as well.  So that's a bonus.  Nutrients are upgraded, as well as a lot of other things.  You have the adjustable grow light hangers.  You have the Smart Pots instead of the plastic ones.  And then also you've got the light timer that you can control from your phone.  

        Then finally, the Private Reserve Series, and that is the nicest line that we have out right now.  It includes some grow tent automation products so you can actually set this up to see what the temperature and humidity is currently in the grow tent from your Smart Phone.  Then you can turn things on and off using this light switch here from your Smart Phone.  So that's really convenient.  You've got the platinum LED lights which are really nice.  Even more upgraded tent, upgraded fans and heater, tons of other great products.  


    We've got the original series here.  So that's still there as well as the greenhouse series.  And, of course, the Mini Series.  I did a video earlier about our clone starting kit, as well as our seed starting kit, these are brand new and very helpful.  And then I've got the full grow tent automation package that's now live, in this set up you'll see it comes with a camera that you can watch from your Smart Phone that will be inside the tent.  It comes with automated watering system. 

    Basically this set-up makes it so you can leave your grow at home for up to a week at a time.  You can go on vacation and just completely control the tent right from your Smart Phone phone.  

    And then I've got this easy harvest package which comes with everything to help you have a really quick but high quality productive trim session.  So you'll see we've got the bulk trimmer for your popcorn buds and smaller buds, we've got the trim tray, trim bin so you can catch all of your product that falls off of the concentrate, as well as all of the sugar leaves here.  And then all the other supplies you need for harvest and cure.  

    All right.  So that's all of the new products.  Let's go back to the home page so I can show you how it's all broken down.  On our chart you'll see it's broken down by plants per grow.  The amount of harvest you'll get in bud per grow.  And then of course, the quality of cannabis.  But the Deluxe Series the quality is going to be medium grade, with the Top Shelf Series you're going to get high grade bud from that.  And, of course, with the Private Reserve Series you'll be getting premium grade bud. 

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    These -- the small starter kits of all series you'll be able to grow small four smaller plants, the medium you can grow five medium sized plants, and then the large you'll be able to grow ten pretty large sized plants, and you'll see the amount of harvest goes up pretty quickly and, of course, this number will change a lot based on your skill, how well you do during the grow and, you know, how many plants you have in there if you train them and a few other factors.  But this is just kind of a rough, rough estimate for you guys.  

    Now I want to show you guys what one of the actual product pages looks like.  So let's do that with the Medium Private Reserve Starter kit.  It's one of my favorites I'm most excited about.  So you'll see, you know, it's got all the details, five regular plants, you can grow actually more AutoFlowers as they don't take up as much space.  But in terms of pots and soil this is set up for regular plants.  You can switch those products out during the check out series -- during the check-out process, so as you can see here all of the products are coming from Amazon. 

 So you will click and it will dump all the products from the package into your cart at once.  So you can just hit continue and that will add that.  And let's say you want to do AutoFlowers, just go to the pots, you know, and then delete them.  Where did they go?  Here they are.  You can delete them or change the amount and the order so that it fits what you're trying to do.  And if you're going to do AutoFlowers I recommend one or two gallon pots.  And, like I said, you could probably fit seven in the medium sized tent.  

    Seeds and clones are not included with our starter kits, so you will have to add those or if you have, you know, a mother plant or a clone that you can get ahold of somehow, that's perfect.  But yeah, this will come with everything you need and then some to grow some premium grade top shelf cannabis.  And easily.  And plus, like I said before, it comes with all the top products, as well as some of the automation products. 

    All right, folks, that is everything you need to know about the new GreenBox Grown starter kits.  So be sure to go check those out if you're in the market for a new set up.  And, of course, stay on the look out for those new videos I was telling you guys about earlier, such as the Raw Garden Live Resin review and, of course, the bubble hash machine review. 

        If you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also, don't forget to subscribed to the GreenBox Grown channel and turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching, and until next time…

 Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown