Week 2 of Flower for the SCROG Grow

What’s up Cannabis Growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back to the Screen of Green Grow series by GreenBox Grown!  This is Week 10 of the entire grow, which is officially the second week of flower, meaning these plants are still in the transitional phase and should be finishing that up by the end of this week.  By day 7 of this week we should start to notice a lot more of those white pistils that look like hairs and they will be growing right at the center of all the tops.  In this video I will also be covering the nutrient and watering schedule for the week and will show you how to look at the trichomes to decide if the plants are ready for harvest or not.  I will also continue with training the new taller branches through the SCROG Screen, but I will be leaving the ones that already grew through, alone.

Remember to visit greenboxgrown.com to jump ahead in this series and see how the buds turned out for this grow.  You can also find tons of other helpful resources all related to growing cannabis at home!  Alright now lets get started with day 1 of the week which is just a quick update on how the plants have been since we last saw them.

The first thing you should notice is how much the tops have grown in height since the last video, and you can see from this lower angle they are all pretty much at the exact same height.  AS the shorter branches get taller and grow through the screen, be sure to help pull them through and try to pull them through a square that is further away from the center of the plant itself.  Up close you can see the plants are still transitioning to flower, which is why there really hasn’t been much bud growth thus far.  The plants are instead preparing themselves for the bloom phase and you can see they are starting to form the first couple of tiny pistils right there in the middle.  In a matter of weeks those little pistils will have grown into massive sticky buds that will be giving off a beautiful Blue Dream Smell!

Now we are on day 2 of the week and these plants are ready for a watering.  It has been 3 feedings since I provided them with nutrients so today will be a nutrient watering!  Since it is the second week of flower, I will be using the week 6 mix from the fox farm dirty dozen schedule.  I will not be using the foliar spray from now on however, as I don’t want to be misting anything on these plants now that they are showing signs of flower.  This means you should also stop immediately with the plain pH misting as well.  I am still mixing 1 full tsp of cal mag per gallon of water with my nutrient mixes, and since I am in coco coir I am adding half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water.  Then I stir everything together and pH to 5.8 since I am in coco coir.  Now I am ready to water, and at this point you really want to be soaking the plants completely and thoroughly.  This means completely covering all of the top soil and watering enough to get 15-20% runoff out the bottom of each pot.  For these 4 plants at this size I am using about 1 and a half gallons to almost 2 gallons.

Here we are for the next day just to see how the plants have changed so far this week.  You can see from this close up that there are a few more pistils starting to form, but that’s really about it.  All the tops above the SCROG are s till level and at the same height like a table top, which is exactly what we want as this provides equal amounts of light to each top.  Under the SCROG you can see there’s still plenty of airflow as the trimming has held up and everything is looking great!

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Another day later and these plants are ready for their next watering.  It’s been very hot weather lately so that’s why they have been drying up so quickly.  This will just be a plain pH’d watering since I did nutrients last time, but you still want to give them the same amount of water, making sure there is 15-20% of runoff out the bottom.  Don’t worry about overwatering by giving to much at one time.  The way overwatering happens is by watering the plants too frequently and not letting them dry up enough.

Here’s another close up of the tops and you can see they are starting to form more white pistils and are even starting to grow them down the sides of the tops like here.  Everything else is looking great both above and below the SCROG Screen so now lets move on to looking at the trichomes and what to expect for that.

Alright so I have fast forwarded a few weeks to the point where these buds have developed further and now have trichomes growing on them so I can show you what to expect and what to be looking out for.  I do have a video that covers this topic in much more detail and you can find that under the harvest & curing videos section on greenboxgrown.com.  The basic idea is over the course of maturity, a trichome goes from clear to cloudy to amber.  When clear, the trichome is empty of THC and is still too young for harvest.  Once cloudy, that means the trichomes are now full of THC, and as they turn to amber that means the THC has degraded to THC-A.  Most growers like to harvest when the trichomes are about 20-30% amber but it is all about preference when it comes to how much amber you want to have.  I always recommend flushing your plants for 2 weeks before harvesting so remember to account for that when looking at the trichomes.  For example I start flushing at 10% amber as the trichomes are usually in the range of 20-30% after that 2 week flush making it perfect timing for harvest. 

To look at the buds you’ll need some sort of jewelers loupe or scope like pictured earlier, and you’ll want it to have a magnification of at least 100X.  

This very first leaf we are looking at here has all cloudy with 1 amber trichome which you can see in the middle there.  One thing I would like to point out is when looking at trichomes, be sure to look at the ones on you buds for telling if they are ready for harvest or not.  The trichomes growing on sugar leaves are not a good indicator as they mature much faster, so don’t base your decision off those ones.

These next 2 shots you can see there is a good amount of amber mixed in with the cloudy trichomes and these ones are actually looking ready for flushing.  They may actually be a little further ahead than that as these look more than 10% amber.  This final shot doesn’t have any amber but you can really see how cloudy and milky those trichomes look as they are full of THC!

Alright folks that is the end of Week 10 of the SCROG grow, but I really want to stress the importance of checking on your trichomes throughout the grow as that is one of the most important factors in harvesting properly grown bud!  That’s why I showed the trichome maturity process so early on, so you guys are prepared for when they start to form.  Next week I will be back with week 11 which will show a lot more development in the pistils growing on each of these tops.  Until then, if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs  up and comment below with your feedback.  Also feel free to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown Channel and to turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown