Dabbing Grape Head Shatter by TerpX

What's up cannabis growers, and welcome back to GreenBox Grown.  As always, my name is Dylan and today I'm going to be doing another strain review for you guys.  I'm going to be doing the Grape Head shatter which I talked about in my last strain review.  That was when I was doing the Pineapple Jack shatter review.  This is going to be a TerpX.  TerpX is going to be the brand that made the shatter.  And they are, like I said in the last video, really good quality and they're like 10 to 15 dollars for a half gram at dispensary.  So definitely check those out.  If you guys have any suggestions for a strain, whether it's flower or some sort of concentrate that you guys want me to review, you should post that in the comments below.  

And then also visit GreenBoxGrown.com, if you want to see my past strain review videos.  Also, I want to give a shout out to my boy Shmap Tastic for winning this month's GreenBox Grown seed give away.  And if you want to sign up for that also visit the GreenBox Grown website and you'll see the pop-up for where you can sign up.  All right, now let's get started with testing out some of this Grape Head shatter.  

All right, guys, so, of course, I'm going to give you a little bit of information and background on the Grape Head strain, and I'll also sample some of it up for you guys, give you a little taste review and how, you know, I enjoy the high from it.  But first, let's do a close up on all three of these strains.  I've got some Bubba Kush, obviously the Grape Head I'm going to be reviewing.  And then some more of the Pineapple Jack which I showed you guys last week in my last review.  But got some more of it because it was really good.  Let's do a little closeup of those.  All right.  

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So the Pineapple Jack is already opened because this is what I've been smoking on lately.  Like I was telling you in the last video it's super shattery so it's like if you pick it up, it doesn't stick to your fingers or anything, it's kind of nice, you don't need a dabber, you can just drop this on the nail.  Or I'm sorry, on the banger.  All right.  So let's check out this Bubba Kush first.  Some complicated packaging we've got going on here.  So I'll put the camera down for a second.  All right.  And again, they come on this plastic, the TerpX shatters come on this plastic paper, not parchment. 

 See if it will focus.  It's got that golden color, can't really get it to focus too well, and it looks like also it's some good shatter that you can just drop on.  And now, let's check out the Grape Head.  Oh, wow, yeah, this one is really looking good.  Yeah, again, a little more taffy like but still very, very golden.  Don't want that to fall off.  Yeah, so there's a good little comparison, there is the Bubba Kush, and then this the Grape Head. 

Now you guys have gotten close-ups of the different strains and the Grape Head shatter.  I'm going to give you guys a little bit of background on its genetics and where it came from.  So Grape Head head is very close to Grape Kush or DJ Short's, Grape Kush for those of you who heard of that strain before.  You can really compare the way it is going to taste and affect you to that.  So strain highlights, this is off of the Leafly strain review, by the way.  It's a productive Marijuana hybrid strain that has sharp and fruity Aromas.  And a long lasting and a powerful inducing euphoric head high.  And a relaxed body high.  

So yeah, we're good for getting relaxed.  For growing it takes seven to nine weeks to flower on average and it is -- its lineage is pre '98, it's a cross of pre '98 Bubba Kush and Romulan Grapefruit.  For the flavors it's got grape, sweet and earthy, and it's got a lot of good positive reviews on here.  So definitely worth checking that out.  

Now as always it is time for my favorite part of the video which is taking a dab so I'm going to break off a little piece of this Grape Head, like I said.  And it might be actually -- all right, let me get the dab tool for this.  Here's a closeup of the snap I'm going to be taking off of that Grape Head chunk.  And I heated up the nail already or banger so it's ready to go.  I'm just letting it cool off to the appropriate level.  We're almost there.  All right.  Cheers, guys.  Very smooth and taste -- I don't really taste the grape flavor.  I do taste that it's sweet.  But yes, it's 

definitely very smooth and you feel that head high I was describing from Leafly earlier.  You feel that as soon as you exhale almost.  Starting to feel the body high come on slowly.  

But definitely the head high I can feel that immediately really strong and right behind the eyes underneath and like up above the forehead area.  So definitely very relaxing.  And, like I said, I smoked it before so I kind of know the long term feeling after it's really settled in.  And definitely like I was describing, the body high really does take over after a little bit and it's definitely a long lasting high that's really enjoyable.  

All right folks, that's all I have for the Grape Head shatter strain review.  And if you guys have any recommendations for strains or types of concentrates you want me to review on this channel in the future, just put that in a comment below and I'll be sure to test that out.  Also, if you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown channel.  Also, turn on notifications so you can get the latest updates on my most recent grows. As always, thank you for watching, and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan Osborn