10 FREE AMS Seeds with select orders | Offer Ends Nov. 28th


What's up cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown, as always my name is Dylan and today I'm going to keep this video pretty short. I'm going to wish you guys a Happy Thanksgiving as well as holiday season and, I also wanted to let you guys know  we have a few awesome deals going on right now such as our Green Friday or Black Friday sale.  And right now pretty much everything on our store is up to 75% off, as well as the starter kits so be sure to check that out. And starting tomorrow and going until the 28th, we have an AMS or Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds deal going on where you get 10 free seeds with your order.  

So I'll go into more details on that in a little bit and explain more on how you can get those 10 free seeds, and also with our green Friday sale, that will be going through Monday. Which is Cyber Monday, so you have until the end of Monday to save with these deals. And also another update, I updated the rewards section on my Patreon page, so I want to give you guys a quick overview on that cuz I want to show you how the rewards have changed. And I think you're going to like how I updated them because it offers a lot more for your dollar, so let's go check that out.  I also forgot to mention that I've included the links to both the GreenBox Grown Patreon page, as well as the AMS Seed Bank website. And you can find those links Down Below in the description section. 

Here we are on the green box grown home page, and really quick we will just check out the starter kit so you can see what some of the discounts are like. You can see here we have the original price and the sale price, and you can see most of these kids are at least a couple hundred dollars off and some of them are up to like 500 to almost $1,000 off for one of them. And you will see if you just go to all of the different categories of the grow shop you will see what items are for sale.

For the 10 free seeds will just go over here to the all seed banks tab under by seeds, and we will click on AMS right here. And now once you're on their page all you have to do is add at least 10 feminized seeds to your basket, and during checkout you'll see there will be 10 free seeds automatically added to your cart. And they will be 10 of the same strain as what you pick out so it's going to be 20  or more total seeds depending on what you buy of the same strain, so pretty awesome. It's going to be good for any strain, any seeds on their website so be sure to look through their website to find what you want. This limoncello Haze right here, this is really popular right now in a really good strain. I'm going to be going some of these very quickly here as they sent me some of them in the mail. So definitely like I said check out there strange and see if there's anything that catches your eye.  

And to show you guys the new subscriptions we got going on, on the patreon page, I'll take you there.   and you'll see I redid the different subscription levels and different options, and I'm starting at $3 which unlocks all of our exclusive video and picture content. And then from there you can join The Vig, which is the very important grower club, and what that does is it allows you to skip  and it guarantees you and almost immediate response. So that grow hotline will always be free for texting end, this just gets you a faster response time. Then we have the hotline ring which allows you to call in and talk to me, and we have other ones like that with upgraded . and then the higher packages include FaceTiming so we can have meetings face to face either on FaceTime or Skype, whatever works best for you. And I will be able to check out your plans and let you know what's going on and tell you exactly what to do to really maximize the results for your plants. So come to the patreon page,  the green box grown patreon page to check those out and subscribe and you'll see once you do subscribe you'll have to text me to activate your account and then we'll go from there.

Alright folks that concludes today's video, but before I go I just want to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and holiday season one more time and I also wanted to remind you guys that the green Friday deal on a green box room website where most of the items and starter kits on our site are on sale for up to 75% off. That ends this coming Monday which is Cyber Monday, at the end of the day. And the 10 free seeds through Amsterdam marijuana seeds, aka AMS will end on the 28th. So don't forget to check that out. And as always thank you guys for watching and until next time…

 Happy Growing!!!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown