Turning Homegrown Bud into Top-Shelf Rosin!


What's up cannabis Growers and welcome back to green box grown as always my name is Dylan and as you can probably guess today I'm going to be pressing some rosin for you guys, and I'll be  pressing it out of some of my homegrown Chocolate Hashberry which was grown out back in the Greenhouse earlier this year. I'm going to be using the rows of your version 1 press and as you can see by the crankshaft here that means it's going to be the manual press. And I've got all my other supplies light out here which I'll be going over in a second. 

If you're interested in watching more of my extract videos just go to green box grown.com and under the videos tab you'll see the extracts button which is where all the videos will be. I'd also like to mention that you can visit the green box grown Patreon page and the link in the description below, and from there you can unlock exclusive content as well as new features for the hotline so go check out the link below to see what those features are. now it's at the video by checking out all of the supplies you will need to press some top-shelf rosin at home.

First thing you want to do of course is turn on the Press. So I'm going to do is flip the switch on over here, and then you're going to want to set the temperature and this is in Celsius, so I'm setting it to 105 degrees as that is what I found as work best for me. So you'll see there's two switches here, one is for the top plate to control the temperature and you can see here it says temp upper and then temp bottom turn this on and I'll turn on the bottom plate and you can control the temperature. I always set them to the same degree, doesn't need to be different. So 105. Flip them both on,I like to put these cases back over. 

 Alright so well that's warm enough I'm going to go over the supplies you need, so once you've got your rosin press setup of course you're going to need your bud. Like I said this is some Chocolate Hashberry I grew out back behind my house inside a greenhouse. I like to use a Kief press to press the weed into a tight Puck and it's kind of like a pre-press mold,  if you've heard of that before. Basically it's just a way to kind of press the buds together so they're tightly compact, when you start the Press, so that it actually squeezes out all of the resin and doesn't leave any behind. 

Where if it's kind of lose, it might not really squish that well and a lot of resin will still be in the bud afterwards. Some people just use ProPress molds, I like to use this kief press because I don't really press that big of amount at a time, so this works perfectly for that. I've got my parchment paper squares which you will need to be able to fold in half to be able to  cover than that you're squeezing. I've got my Sharpies to label the strain as well as when I was pressed and if it was the first or second run. 

I've got my scale for weighing out the amount I'm going to press, and I recommend using two to three grams, I'll be using 3 grams today somewhere in that range is what is working best with this rosin press I found. I've got my gloves so that I don't get all of the track I'm stuck on my finger when I'm pressing it, and compacting it into the kief press,  as after a while you'll notice you'll start to have hash almost on your fingers left behind.  

So that'll prevent that. And this is optional, but the rosin bags, the filter bags clear pressing helps keep any contaminants any particles from the plants from mixing into the rosin, it's not necessary. I don't like using it because you get a lot lower yield,  and the difference and quality is not that much. I do like using these 25 micron bags however, for pressing concentrates like dry sift and hash. To definitely recommend checking these out if you're interested, these ones are by rosin Revolution.

Alright so now that the Press has heated up all the way, I'm going to start weighing out the weed and I'm going to press it into the little cylinder to get ready for pressing. Alright guys so I got it settled in no, close up on what I'll be doing so you be able to see that. You don't really need to see my face for this part. but I'm going to be wearing Out 3 grams that I'll be packing it to the kief press, so that's what I'll be getting ready for right here. And I'll get this scale on and zero it, and an important thing you want to do is your want to pick out the stems from the buds so don't include that way. And you don't want the stems in there cuz they might poke through the paper when you're squeezing them in the Press. 

Alright so I'm going to tare this, and then I'm going to pull out  3 grams. And this again is the Chocolate Hashberry and it's going to be pulling the nugs right there off and stem.   No need to throw that in there and way this down, just need the bud. Alright 2.19 and that's all from one bud all right almost there. All right 3.05 that's close enough. So that's what we'll be packing into the kief press. It looks like there might not be enough space but you'll be able to make it fit, trust me. This thing is great and you want to get out this part, which is the weight that will smash it together. And you want to make sure this isn't screwed all the way so there is as much room as possible to fit all the weed.  

All right now I'll start packing these nugs an, and you want to pack them in as tight as possible, don't just try to pack it all in at the very last bit or else it won't be very compact it all. And this really, this really is where the gloves come in so you're not really getting all this resume on your fingers, and I'll stay off on the bud. You're not going to be getting your oils from your hands all over. Alright we're almost there and once you've got it all in, you're going to want to take that little weight put it back on top and it's crucial you screw this back on and you're  going to tighten it back on. But it's crucial, you don't really want to tighten it down too much you just wanted to be somewhat more compact. 

You don't want to go as far as you can, I say is about 5 to 10 1/2 turns, maybe 15. Once you start feeling a decent amount of resistance does when I stop, so right about there. Pop the lid off, and now like one of those Push Pops you're going to get a little popsicle if we'd come out. And this is what you're going to be pressing with your rosin press. So that my friends is 3 grams sorry, here's a nice hole close up of the 3 grams Chocolate Hashberry.

Okay now it's time for the pressing, take your parchment paper and fold it in half. This is a small piece, you want a bigger piece than that. Fold it in half. Make sure it lines up somewhat. And you want to place that little cylinder right smack-dab in the middle of here, and then when it comes to the place and placement of it on there I like to have it so the nuggets in the middle in terms of going this way but it's more towards the front of the plate so that seems to work best. Alright So I'm going to load this up into the paper and get it on the press and show you guys how to do that. 

Okay so just take the parchment paper  get the nug right, I like to have it on its side not flat resting down as it seems to squish better and do better in terms of yields that way. Was trying to keep it in as much in the middle as possible and towards the front of that plate. Now I'm going to line it up a little bit, and now it's ready for the Press. one important step here is to slowly pull the lever down into place, you don't want to just lock it down into place really quick. But slower you go down the better your yield and you'll hear it Sizzle slightly. 

Should not smoke or anything like that if that's the case it's too hot. And it does take a decent amount of weight to lock it out all the way, but again I'm going for the slow lower. And then once you have it locked out you kind of can listen for how long until it's ready. And that's what it'll do once it's locked out I can let go now. I sometimes if I have it close enough to the front will see some of these out, and it looks like it might be getting some in a little bit here does take some time. Here it comes a little bit, you can kind of see it.  Bubbling up, let’s see here.

Again see it bubbling there, and this is for home use so you're not going to be getting top top shelf yields but I am still getting large returns and in my opinion, I mean it's not like the high high grade at the dispensary but it's still really good and almost comparable. If you want to squeeze a larger amount you will definitely get more at a time but I like to keep it small because the yields seem to stay higher that way. 

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Alright so I'll let that finish up for a second and you can hear it says well, actually I here I'll give you guys a close that maybe you'll be able to hear that. Now you don't want it to burn, but that doesn't mean you're getting the oils out and I like to let it cook a little longer than most cuz I like to get the higher yields. If you want what people say is higher quality it takes less time select 15 to 30 seconds is what some people recommend for the high of quality. 4 you'll see here I'm getting really good I'm out here really good. Let's see if I can zoom in here for a little bit all right yeah here we go.

 Alright, this is just about done no once it's ready all you do is lift a lever up slowly and don't try to go too fast as it might give you a little surprise. And let's check out our yield, oh yeah so you can see it is now been about 5 minutes since I press this rosin from the Chocolate Hashberry. And you can see this is actually darker than what I usually get but the yields are pretty good. Let's get a little close up as you can see the bubbles in there.  You can see there is some plant material in there, that's what this trunks are. There's a clean little piece right there but yeah it doesn't seem like much when it's all spread out like this. 

But when you take your dab tool and collect it up, it's a lot more than what you'd expect.   here we have the result of that cylinder weed we press, and now it's just a flat little chip. And you can press this one more time, you'll get about another half of this much of rosin from it.   And I press it for about 15 to 30 seconds at the same temperature and everything else, you'll be good. It will be a little darker and there will be a little more play it again like in my opinion, doesn't make it that much a difference as it's so get you really high and taste really good.

 So now that this has dried off I say let's go test this out and take it out of this Chocolate Hashberry rosin. You'll see when you take your dad and you start kind of scraping the rosin, up from the parchment paper it actually comes up really easily. You just kinda have to poke out it and it's kind of more like a shatter a little more gooey than shatter, but it comes right off the paper easily and I'm going to take a big Dab here. And I'll give you guys at close up here in a second, but yeah.   All right well I can't get the camera to focus on that so I guess you won't get to see a close-up, but this is about 30% of what I squeezed out of that nug so it's a pretty good-size dab.   All right guys.

 Extremely smooth but very Terpy and tasty. You can definitely taste that hash Berry  flavor in there, and an extremely strong headlight almost to immediately so yeah I definitely recommend you get your own rosin press for pressing your buds at home. Not only does it save you a lot of money, but it will consistently provide you with top shelf.  All right guys that is all I have video but if you enjoyed it please give it a thumbs up and don't forget to comment below. Turn on notifications. As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown