Latest Strain Review: Banana Kush Shatter Below

What's up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown. As always my name is Dylan and today I'm going to be doing another strain review for you guys and I'll be reviewing some of this Banana Kush Shatter which is made by the House Of Loud. And that's a predominantly Northern California, throughout California brand, they’re really good and I've reviewed a few of their other products before on my channel. And if you guys want to see some other product and strain reviews I've done in the past, just go to to check that out. And now let's get started with some close-ups of this shatter.

Alright guys, so now I'm going to open up my house of loud banana kush, and this is a half gram of their shatter. It looks like, it looks like it's more of a consistency between shatter and a little bit more of like a gooey substance, I'll give you guys a close up right now though. Let's see if I can do this, let's get the light over here.

Alright guys so now for the strain review I decided I was going to do the dab first before reading about the genetics and how well the plant grows and stuff like that. So that way I could have some time pass to let the effects of the dab soak in, so I can give you guys a better review on how the strain works and I also haven't smoked yet today so I've got a fresh clean slate so I can really tell you guys how well this works.  Especially for chronic back pain as well as knee and joint pain.  Alright, so let's do a dab of this banana kush. and since it's not really sticky and gooey, I'm just going to pick up a piece and drop it on the Banger like so, something like this. all right let me heat this bad boy up.

 That was close, alright I'm going to let it cool off a little bit and then I'll drop this on. This is a pretty cool recycler I have right here, but I don't have a quartz Banger for it yet. I just have the titanium nail. So I haven't really been using that. A lright, cheers guys!

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Like the Kush name designates as normal, this is an Indica dominant strain. I believe it's a hybrid which I will give more details about now. But, this is definitely an Indica as I can feel it right as I exhale and I can feel it in my head just right behind my eyes it's really relaxed and as well as my joints and my back pain it just kind of just eases away, just kind of slowly melts away.  

Alright, now for a little bit on the background of the strain as well as it's genetics, and how it is to grow at home. So, Banana Kush is a legendary West Coast strain which is a cross between Ghost OG as well as Skunk Haze. So it's an Indica dominant hybrid and it tastes like bushels of bananas apparently. Although it leans towards an indica dominant genetically, the effects are balanced by the haze as it does provide sativa effects such as a relaxed sense of euphoria. And of course this is all coming from Leafly, you guys can pretty much look up any strain On their for details about how to grow it, it's genetics, what its effects are like when you smoke it, so definitely check Leafly out for that.

In terms of its grow info, it's a moderate difficulty to grow and it's going to grow moderately tall so it's not super short and bushy like an Indica, but it's also not going to be super tall and skinny like a sativa. It's going to be somewhere in the middle. But it's a really high yielder as it can you 3 to 6 oz per square foot, so that's pretty high. It also has a 7 to 9 week flowering Period. Which is one of the shorter flowering periods so it's a pretty efficient strain for getting high yields in a short amount of time. And let's see, tips for growing banana kush. You can visit for more details on that. And for flavors it has sweet tropical and fruity, tree fruit. So very good strain to try out and I definitely recommend it for you guys.

Alright, so now that I have had some time to let the effects soak in, I can say not only do I feel it really well behind my eyes, and just overall in my head. But all throughout my body and my joints like I was saying, it's very relaxed and the pain has really eased and gone away. I can feel more movement in my joints as I move my arms and legs around. There's less resistance and there's less pain, so I definitely recommend trying the strain out if you were looking for pain relief.

All right guys that sums up my strain review of the Banana Kush Shatter, by the House of Loud. And you guys can get those at pretty much any dispensary in Northern California and throughout other parts of California of course. And if you guys enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up, and comment below with your feedback. And don't forget to subscribe to the green box grown Channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows. As always thank you for watching, and until next time... 

Happy growing! 
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown