Fully Automate your Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent

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What’s up Cannabis Growers and welcome back to GreenBox Grown!  As always, my name is Dylan and in this article I will show you exactly how you can automate and setup your Grow Tent to be controlled from your smartphone or wifi enabled device.  You might be surprised, but there are only a handful of items you will need to make this happen and they can all be purchased from Amazon. 

Now if you have ever grown cannabis before, you’ll know that it is hard to leave for a few days or even a week at a time without doing severe damage to the plants.  So instead of putting myself under “House Arrest” so to speak, I decided to put together an Automation Package which made it possible for me to go on vacation for extended periods of time.  This pack sets up your grow tent so it is automated and fully controllable from your smartphone allowing you can to care for your plants, even while out of town!  

Having a smartphone controlled grow tent is also beneficial because you can make quick adjustments while at work during the day.  It may be cool in the morning so there is no need to have the fans on high when you leave for work, but as the house warms up throughout the day you’ll want to be able to adjust the grow room environment.  You don’t want to have to drive home from work every time an adjustment is needed do you?  Alright, now lets get into the exact supplies you’ll need and how to operate them.

Automation Supplies

There are a few different ways you can set this up, depending on the duration you’ll be gone for.  The 3 main components you want to be able to control are the watering of the plants, the temperature of the grow room and finally the grow lights.  Once you have those things automated or controlled from your wifi enabled device, you are good to go!

Temp/Humidity Sensor

Temp/Humidity Sensor

In order to control temperature and humidity, I like to use this little divide called a sensor which then relays the info to my phone through an app.  This only tells me what the temperature is but doesn’t allow me to adjust it.  In order to do that, I use a wifi enabled Power switch which my fans and heaters are plugged into.  You can then download an app on your smartphone and it will allow you to turn that item on or off and you can set a schedule for a timer if you’d like.  Each device will need their own power switch if you want to control it individually.  I have all of my lights on one switch, my heater on another, and then my fans on one more switch.  This makes things easy and I can control all the items from the same app!

Power Switch 

Power Switch 

In the Automation Package, you’ll see I included a camera which you can watch through your smartphone.  This item isn’t mandatory and is really so you can look at the plants for any issues or signs of deficiencies.  I also include an additional switch for controlling my grow lights so I can turn them on and off when ever necessary, right from my smartphone.  I can also adjust the light schedule from the app if needed.   

Finally there is the watering of the plants that needs to be taken care of, and that is actually easier than most would expect.  There is a device you can purchase, which is included in the Automation Pack, and it will water your plants on a timer.  You clip this device inside a bucket filled with the water you ant it to feed your plants, and then it has hoses that go to each pot and will slowly water when the timer tells them too.  


Watering the plants is really the only factor that affects how long you can be gone for, as once your bucket is out of water it can no longer water the plants.  So in this case, the bigger the bucket the better.  Also, you might be wondering about how to feed nutrients to the plants if the automated system is watering with only plain pHd water.  And the answer to that is to buy 2 of the AWS pumps.  One will have a mix of nutrients in it’s bucket for feeding the plants and the other will be for plain pH’d water.  You’ll have the timers set up so the water at the appropriate intervals, and then you are all set.

The Grower on the Go!

Automation Package

Growing Cannabis at Home is one of my biggest passions in life, but I still enjoy traveling and weekend getaways as well!  So in order to enjoy the best of both worlds, I automated my grow tent with the supplies and methods I explained in this article.  If you are a grower or even someone interested in growing, I highly recommend automating your setup. 

Not only is it great for being able to leave your cannabis plants for days at a time, but it also allows you to control everything from work and to checkup on your plants throughout the day!  

That is all I have in regards to automating your grow tent, but if you have any questions on how this works or ideas you want to share with me, feel free to send an email to dylan@greenboxgrown.com.  As always, thank you for reading and until next time…


Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown