Watering & Nutrients for Week 3 of the SCROG Grow

What’s up cannabis growers, my name is Dylan and Welcome back for Week 3 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown.  As mentioned previously, Week 3 will be a two part series.  This video is part 1 and will include the watering and nutrient feeding schedule for the week, and the next video will include the LST and Hook Training for the week.  Be sure to visit GreenBoxGrown.com to watch the Full SCROG Series, and now lets get started with these weeks nutrient feeding.

You can already see the plants have grown significantly since last week, and they are already starting to take on that bushy shape I am aiming for!  These plants are clearly ready for their next watering, which is going to be week 3 of the Fox Farm Nutrient feeding schedule, plus a misting of the Flower Kiss foliar spray.  I also recommend adding 1 tsp of Cal Mag per gallon of water to every nutrient feeding you do as those 2 minerals are extremely important for cannabis plants to grow healthy.  Once all the nutrients are added, I add half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water to help with the absorption of nutrients.  This is only necessary when growing in coco coir however.  Now I mix everything up and then test the pH.  I am going for a pH in the range of 5.8-6.3 so once in that range I am ready to water.

Now that the plants are getting bigger, I am going to increase the amount of water each one gets.  They are still not large enough to need all topsoil watered, but sill cover a good sized area of the soil with a decent soaking.  Now all you have to do is mist the plants with the Flower Kiss Mix in a spray bottle, and you’re all done for the day.

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This is 2 days later, and the plants are ready yet again for a watering.  Since I did nutrients last time, I will be doing a plain pH’d watering and mist.  The pH range will be the same as it should always be at 5.8-6.3 throughout the entire grow.  Once everything is stirred up, give the plants a good amount of water and then mist so all the leaves are covered.  You can see on all of these plants, the main tops are all pointing back up towards the sky and are getting some significant growth each day.

For the rest of this video you can see I am repeating this process of providing a plain pHd misting and watering to each plant.  That is because you only want to water with nutrients after every 2-3 ph’d waterings.  That means most weeks you’ll probably only get 1 nutrient feeding in, but there will be some where you get 2 in.  It really all depends on how fast your plants dry up.  There will be days where the plants aren’t dry enough for a watering, and that is completely normal, just be sure to give them a misting of plain pH’d water several times throughout the day.  It is important you pH your misting mixes to be in the range of 5.5-6.5, even when mixing the foliar spray.  Finally, as the plants get bigger and bushier, you will have to start pulling branches apart and misting in-between so that it can get the middle of the canopy as well.  This is important and it is also important that you provide enough airflow in your tent so it can get through the canopy of each plant.  This will help with preventing mold and other issues.

Alright guys that concludes the watering and nutrient schedule for week 3 of the Screen of Green Series.  You are now ready to watch the next video in this series, which is the Week 3 LST & Hook Training.  If you guys enjoyed the video, please give us a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grow videos!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown