LST for Week 2 of The SCROG Grow Series

What’s up cannabis growers and welcome back for part 2 of Week 2 in the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown.  In this video I will be performing Low Stress Training and adding more hooks to the plants, which is something you’ll want to do over the entire course of each week of vegetation.  During this week you should start to notice significant growth in your plants and as you will see in this video, my plants will have almost 3 new tops by the end of this week.  Remember you can watch the full SCROG series at under the grow videos tab, and now lets go see how this weeks training should be done. 

This is day 1 of the week and I want to show you all the new growth we’ve had since the previous day and how there are new tops starting to sprout up on each plant.  Some of the leaves are slightly droopy and that’s ok, as they are just in some shock from the addition of the hooks.  As they get used to being bent and hooked down, the plans will start perking back up and growing a lot faster.  You will notice however, that the newer tops and growth are already a lot perkier and that is because the plant focuses on new growth first.  

Ok now I will be adding more hooks to each plant, but first I want to readjust some of the ones I’ve already added. This is something you’ll want to do with your plants as well, and all you need to do is move the hook towards the new growth at the end of each branch so it pulls it down lower.    You should let the branches grow up for a little bit before readjusting the hooks, but its always a good idea to do this method because it allows you to grow the plant outwards and to fill more space with more tops.

Once you’ve adjusted all of the hooks that needed to be, You should decide on what new branches are ready to be bent down and hooked.  If they are too short, it will be hard to do as they will slip out of the hook.  Just start with the biggest tops and bend them downwards gently before adding the hook.  Some of your hooks may have popped up out of the dirt since the previous day and all that means is you need to move it further towards the end of the branch, and you should harness it deeper into the soil.  

Here’s the very next day, and I am rolling the posts up so the soil comes right to the top edge, allowing for maximum light penetration around the base of these plants.  You can also see the tops that have been harnessed down have already grown back up since yesterday.  These branches I’m touching with my finger are new tops but are still too short to be harnessed down so I will wait.

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Ok so in this shot I want to explain what is going on with these yellowing leaves.  This is the leave that was on the plant when it was cloned, and the ends of each finger were chopped off so it would focus on root growth during that period as roots are more important during that stage.  Now that the plant is older, that Leaf is dying off which is completely normal, and all you have to do is gently pull down on at the base so it breaks off.  Now lets check out this bump right here at the bend of the main trunk of this branch.  This is called a knuckle and is the result of bending the trunk with LST.  Essentially the plant starts increasing the flow of nutrients and energy up to that part of the plant causing this huge knuckle to form.  It’s completely normal and a sign of a good heathy plant so don’t worry about it if you spot one on your plant.

This is the final day of training for the week and as you can see the tops have grown enough to be trained at this point.  Now on this plant I have about 3 main tops here I will be hooking and you want to be strategic about the direction you hook them towards.  My recommendation is to hook them out and away from the center of the plant so it is growing towards the closest edge of the pot.  So like I am doing here, each branch is hooked away from the middle of the pot.  This will allow for more light to penetrate through the canopy which results in faster growth and more tops!  Once you have followed this process with each one of your plants, your are all finished with LST for the week!

Alright folks, that is the end of my LST video for the week and that also concludes week 2 of the SCROG Grow Series.  I will be with Week 3 of this series which will be broken up into 2 videos just like this week.  If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment below with your feedback.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on notifications for more of my grow updates!  As always, thank you watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown