The final week of Vegetation for the SCROG Grow

What’s up cannabis growers, My name is Dylan and welcome back for Week 8 of the Screen of Green Series.  This video will cover the very last week of veg as well as the SCROG Training and watering schedule.  Since I will be flipping these plants to flower next week, it is important you really focus on getting as many branches as possible through the Screen.  Remember to visit if you want to move ahead to the flowering stage of this grow series.   Alright, now lets get started with day 1 of the week where I will be training the taller branches with the SCROG.

You can see there are now a lot of new branches poking through, which is exactly what I want to happen!  Some of the tops are barely through the screen while others have grown 5 inches above it!  What I like to do when I am training with a SCROG is I will start with the branches on the outside, furthest from the center of my plant.  I will train the ones that are tall enough to be pulled to a further away square and the others I will leave be till they are tall enough.  Then I work my way to the middle till there are no longer any branches that need to be trained.

Now I will give these plants their next nutrient feeding which will again be the week 4 mix from the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen.  It will also include 1 tsp of cal mag per gallon of water and half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water.  Once every thing has been mixed and stirred, I test the pH and then adjust so it is in the range of 5.8-6.3.   I am also mixing a bottle of the flower kiss foliar spray for misting the plants with.  Now that the plants are pretty large, I am soaking all the soil and getting about 10% runoff out the bottom of the pots.  Once I am done watering I give a good misting above and below the SCROG and I am all done!

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This is day 4 of the week and while I have more tops growing through the SCROG, there aren’t any that are tall enough to be moved horizontally.  Here you can see there is a lot of growth and foliage underneath t he SCROG that has yet to make it through the SCROG.  Everything that doesn’t make it through by the start of flower will be trimmed away so that all bud growth is focused on the main ones up top where all the light is!  This results in higher yields and more quality yields, as you avoid those airy popcorn buds.  I will explain how to do this process once we get to that point of the grow!

Another day later and the plants are still not ready for a watering, so I will just be misting them today.  Remember to mist several times throughout the day during veg, especially when it is hot out, and to spray above and below the screen so you get full coverage.

Here is another really cool shot of below the screen and you can see it is so dense with foliage here that you cant really see to the other side of the greenhouse!  Once I trim these plants up for flower, it will be very easy to see all the way through which is good as it allows for more airflow.

This is the final day of week 8 and there are even more tops poking through the screen with some being ready for some more training.  The SCROG is looking to be almost 50% full which is good because these plants will grow another third in size during flower.  During that time I expect the squares on of the SCROG will become almost 100% full.  Remember to start with the outside branches and to work your way towards the center as this makes it so the center branches have space to move out towards.  

Alright folks that concludes week 8 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown!  Once you are ready, you can move on to week 9 where I will be flipping these plants into flower to get those buds growing!  If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to the GreenBox Grown channel and to turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time… 

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown