Week 7 pt. 2 of the SCROG Grow Series is now Available!

What’s up cannabis growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back to the Screen of Green Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  So in part 1 of week 7 I showed you guys how to build the actual SCROG itself, and now in this video I will show you have to hang it above your cannabis plants.  This video is part 2 of week 7 and will also include me demonstrating how to train your plants through the SCROG properly, and the watering schedule for the week.  To jump ahead in this grow series, just visit greenboxgrown.com and visit the Videos section.  Alright, now lets get started with day 1 of the week where I’ll be hanging the Screen.

Now the first step in hanging your scrog is determining how you will be doing so.  As I mentioned in previous videos, some people hang them by string while others will mount it to the frame of their grow room.  It all depends on what will be most convenient and easiest for you.  In this case here, I found it works best to hang my SCROG from the upper frame of this greenhouse by string.  When hanging the Screen, be sure to have it low enough so it is resting slightly on the tallest branches below.  That way you can begin training your plants through right away.

Ok here is the next shot right after hanging the SCROG up and I am going to start pulling all my tops through that are already tall enough.  Right now I will just pull the tops through the squares right above,  but eventually I will be training them horizontally.  The purpose of a SCROG is to make it so every branch on the plant is at the exact same height, making it so the lighting is evenly distributed amongst all the tops.  What this does is allows every top to grow big dense buds like a main cola, instead of small and fluffy.  A plant grown without a scrog will have big buds growing on the main tops up high, and then smaller ones that grow down low on the smaller branches.  So the SCROG is great at not only increasing yields but increasing quality as well.

The way you want to train your branches through the SCROG is horizontally as that will strop the tall branches from getting taller and will allow the shorter branches to grow up and through the SCROG.  So when a branch starts getting too high through the SCROG, all you do is pull it back down through the square and up through one further away so it lowers the branch.  It is best to pull the branches out away from the center of the plant and towards the edge of the SCROG.  

It is time for the nutrient feeding of the week, and I will be once again doing the week 4 mix as I am still keeping this plants in vegetation.  I will also be mixing the flower kiss foliar spray for misting the plants.  Don’t forget to add a tsp of cal mag per gallon of water, as well as half a tsp of coco wet if growing in coco coir.  Always mix everything to gather first and then pH to the proper level.  Now that these plants are getting even larger, I will be increasing the amount of water each one gets.  At this point I am pretty much soaking the complete topsoil layer and am getting a very slight runoff out the bottom of the pots.  Remember to water each plant a little bit at a time so it can soak in.  Next, I am going to mist the plants, and with the SCROG I will need to go under to get that area of the plants.  It is important you spray from above and under the SCROG so you can get full coverage of all the foliage and you can get in the middle of the canopy.

Here’s an example of what to do when the branch has grown taller through the square.  Simply pull it down and back up through one further away from the center of the plant.  You’ll only be moving one square at a time usually and that is ok, just be sure the branch is through the square enough so it an stay there.

These plants are now ready for another watering and I will be giving them a plain pH’d water and misting.  Just as before, I am getting a slight runoff out the bottom of the pots and and misting both over and under the SCROG.

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Now for the rest of the video I will be training the plants through the SCROG and will be giving one last misting.  It is important that you stay on top of training the plants every day as it will help with getting more branches growing through the SCROG.  You will notice after adding the Screen that your plants seem to speed up in growth, almost like a vine that is growing up to a lattice.  And this is actually somewhat true with growing marijuana, so be sure to use that to your advantage by staying on top of your training each day.  As you open up that space in the center area it will allow more light to penetrate through the canopy, which in turn will help those branches grow up faster.

Here we are for the very final day of the week and you can see already the Screen has about 15 tops poking through.  Pretty Soon I will have even more, and eventually almost every square in the scrog will be filled!  It is at that point that where I will lollipop the plants and flip them over to flower.  Lollipoping is a method of trimming the lower foliage for more bud growth up top, but I will explain that in further detail when we get closer to that point.  For now just stay focused on training as many branches as you can through the scrog!

That is the end of week 7 for the Screen of Green Series and I will be back shortly with week 8 which will actually be the last week of vegetation.  In that video I will cover the watering schedule for the week as well as all the branches I am pulling through the SCROG.  If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications for updated on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown