Review of strains sent in by GreenBox Growers

What's up cannabis growers, and welcome back to Green Box Grown.  So today what I'm going to be doing for you guys is reviewing some weed that I had sent to me from one of my Green Box growers and basically this guy was a first time grower, had never grown before and so what he did was he got one of the Green Box Grown setups and followed all of the Green Box Grown videos for his first grow and this is the end result.  

So I figured I was first of all lucky enough for him to have these -- have him send these in to me and I figured it would be cool to do a video review just to show you guys what the quality of this bud could be like just from a first time grower.  You can see this one looks more like a Sativa here and this is the Super Glue which is some sort of -- that water is just on the outside of the baggie, Super Glue which is some sort of Gorilla Glue and I'm guessing a super lemon haze mix. Then we have the platinum OG, which looks more like an Indica, as you can see as it's a little bit shorter and fatter of a bud while this one is a little longer and leafier.  But both are really frosty and they both smell really dank.  Especially this Platinum OG Indica looking one.  

All right.  So first I’m going to grind up some of the Platinum OG, give you guys a little review of what I think of that, then we'll go with the Super Glue.  And again, I think the guy that grew this, he wants to stay anonymous of course, but I believe he grew this

indoor in a small tent, like a two-by-four.  Actually no, nevermind this was outside in a greenhouse and this was actually in a larger greenhouse with a bunch of other plants.  So he was showing me throughout the grow the updates of how the plants were doing.  And they actually turned out really well.  So I'm excited to see how this bud turned out and how it tastes.  

All right.  So here's a close-up, see if I can get this to focus on the bud.  Close-up of the Super Glue -- I’m sorry, the Platinum OG bud.  It's not really showing up but I just ground it up, it's got a lot of orange hairs on it, very frosty, there's actually after grinding it up it's a little purple too, which is always good.  And I've got the bowl packed right here.  And my little mini bong.  So I'm going to take a rip.  Cheers.

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 Very smooth.  You can see this flush properly because the ash is completely -- oh, shit.  Just spilled the bong a little bit.  That's all right.  We're outside.  So you can see the ash is white, which means it was properly flushed.  So that's always good.  All right.  I'm going to finish this bowl off and then we'll go to the -- oh, yeah, it's very good.  

I can already feel it coming on, a nice strong head high.  That's the Platinum OG and then next we'll do the Super Glue.  Before I grind it up I'll give you guys a close-up of the Super Glue.  Let's see.  Here you can see it's pretty leafy but still very frosty.  Break it up a little bit.  It's got a pretty sweet smell as well.  But yeah.  Ooh, I see a couple of seeds in there.  Where did that go?  Maybe I'll be growing some of this now.  Oh, crap.  All right.  So it fell between the seats.  So I'll have to get that afterwards.  Let me grind some of this up.  I'll pack a bowl real quick.  All right.  I just ground up some of the Super Glue, as you can see here.  Oops, spilled a little.  All right.  So it's pretty sweet once you grind it up as well.  And I've got my bowl packed again.  So I'm going to take a hit.  Now when you feel it immediately full body and head high.  Pretty strong and the taste is smooth as well.  A little more of that kushy taste.  Really good. 

All right, guys, there you have my review on the Platinum OG and Super Glue which, like I said, was grown using the Green Box Grown videos.  If you guys want to send in yourweed that was grown using our videos, feel free to contact me.  My information is in the description below or you can leave a comment below as well and I will reach out to you.  If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also, feel free to subscribe to the Green Box Grown channel and turn the notifications on for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and, until next time...

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown