Building a SCROG Screen for the Blue Dream Grow


What’s up Cannabis Growers, My name is Dylan and welcome back for week 7 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown!  This is a very exciting week for the grow as I will be showing you guys how to build your very own SCROG as well as how to properly hang it above your plants.  In this video I will be covering the building portion of the week and will show you what materials you need as well as how to design a SCROG for optimal results.  To see how this SCROG looks after a few weeks of hanging in the grow room, just visit and go to the videos section.  Alright, now lets get started with the supplies you will need to build your Screen.

Before I get to the supplies, I want to show you the end result so you know what we are going after.  This is what the SCROG will look like when hanging in your grow room and you will want to design yours so there is enough space around the edges to get to the different parts of the tent you need to reach.  It is important to build the SCROG’s a footprint as big as possible with that in mind, as the bigger the screen the bigger the yields you can harvest!  Some people mount their SCROGs to the Grow room, but I am hanging mine in here by string as that was just what happened to work best.  It is more convenient to mount in certain grow rooms and greenhouses.

Alright, now lets get to the supplies needed.  First you’ll need the material for framing the outside of the screen.  In this case I am using wood in the form of 2x2s but you can also use PVC plastic pipes as those work as well.  Next I have the Self tapping Lathe screws for screwing it all together and the brackets for support in the corners of the frame.  Finally I have the string and 1 and 1/4 inch drywall screws for tying the string to.  

I already screwed the frame together using those metal brackets from the last shot, but from this close up you can see all we did was connect the 2x2s together and then screwed them in place through the already cut holes.  The brackets make this whole process very easy and theyadd a lot of strength to the SCROG.  Now I will be adding the Dry Wall screws all the way around the frame for the string to tie around.  I will be putting the screws in the center of each 2x2 and will have them 2 and a half inches apart.

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Now you are ready to string up your SCROG.  Start in one of the corners and tie a knot around the corner screw with the nylon or cotton string.   We will be tying the string 1 loupe around each screw for added hold and will be following the up under pattern.  After you tie around the screw, go to the next one over and tie around that.  Then you go to the other end of the SCROG and repeat the process.  Once you get to the other side of the scrog, tie the string off around one of the corner screws and cut it off.  Here’s a quick shot after finishing the stringing going one way.  

Now it is time to do the string going the other way.  We will be following the same exact pattern, except for this time we will be alternating going up and under the other string.  Here’s an example.  I bring the string across the frame from the other side and wrap around both screws like before.  Now that I’ve done that I am ready to go back across to the other side of the SCROG, but now I will alternate going over or under the other string.  They way to determine which way to start is by what you did on the last one when you came over from the other side.  So on the way over hear I finished going under the string, so going back across I will start with going over the string.  

This is important because it will form one cohesive net that holds the branches together and in place.  Now that I have reached the end and have tied going both directions I will wrap the string around both screws here and tie it off.  Make sure to use a tight knot that wont come undone as that can ruin your scrog in a second if it does.  Once that is tied, you are all finished and ready to hang your Screen!

Alright folks, that is the end of Part 1 for Week 7 and I will be back with part 2 very shortly.  In that video I will be covering the addition of a SCROG to my blue dream grow room and How to train the plants through it properly.  If you have any additional questions on how to build a SCROG for your grow room, feel free to contact me directly by texting (831) 601-0853.   I will also be covering the nutrient and watering schedule for the week in that video so everything will be covered!  If you enjoyed this video, please hit the like button and comment below with your feedback!  Also feel free to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown