Watch Part 1 of Week 4 in the SCROG Series, Below!

What’s up Cannabis Growers, my name is Dylan and Welcome back for week 4 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown!  This week will be similar to last in that it will be broken up into 2 videos, 1 about watering and the other for LST.  These plants are getting to a pretty good size at this point and are really getting bushy!  Also, after this week there will be only 2 more weeks of veg before I add the actual SCROG to these plants.  Its going to be one large wooden SCROG that is about 4ft wide and 7 ft long, with thick nylon string that will be very gentle on the branches.  As always, you can visit for the full SCROG series and for videos on how to build the actual Screen itself.  Alright, now lets get started with this weeks watering and nutrient feeding schedule!

Here we are for day 1 of the week, and the soil is dry a little over an inch deep all the way around, so these plants are ready for a watering.  This time I will be giving them a plain pH’d watering at 5.8 and I will be misting them with plain pH’d water in the range of 5.5-6.5.  

You can see I am starting at the base of the plant and watering around in a circular motion towards to the edge of the pot.  The plants still do not need that much water, so I am only using half a gallon split between all 4 of these plants.  Once you have finished watering, you can give each plant a good covering of mist and you are all finished.  

2 days later, and the plants are ready for another watering.  It has been pretty hot weather lately so that is why the soil is drying up so quickly.  Usually when the weather is on the cooler side, I have to wait 3-4 days between each watering.  Also, these plants are ready for nutrients since there have been the 2-3 plain pHd waterings since the last nutrient feeding.  I will be using the week 4 of vegetation mix on the Fox Farm Schedule, and will also be adding half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water.  For the foliar spray, I will be mixing the flower kiss the came with the dirty dozen pack, and then once everything is stirred together, It is ready to be pHd.  Now that everything is ready I will water and mist the plants.  

There will also be days where the soil is still too wet to be watered, and on those days you still want to mist the plants with a plain pHd mix.  You can spray the plant several times throughout the day, and on hotter days you can spray them even more often.  misting the plants is really helpful because it helps keep the fan leaves big and healthy, which is crucial for having rapid growth!

For the rest of this video, I will only be providing plain pH’d water and mist for the plants.  However,  I want you to pay attention to how large the plants have gotten and just how much the have grown over the course of this video.  If you rewind back to the beginning, look at how much of the soil is exposed and not covered by leaves, and then fast forward to the end and you can barely see any of the soil because it is all covered by foliage!  That is exactly what we want to happen with these plants, and this rapid growth is a sign of proper LST and hook training.  

Alright guys, that officially concludes part 1 of week 4, which was the nutrients and watering schedule for the week.  The next video in this series will be part 2 of week 4 and will be about the LST and Hook Training I perform for the week.  Remember it is important to watch both videos back to back as these steps need to be performed together throughout the week. 

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Dylan @ GreenBox Grown