LST for Week 3 of the SCROG Series by GreenBox Grown

What’s up Cannabis Growers, my name is Dylan and welcome back to the Screen of Green series by GreenBox Grown!  This video will cover part 2 of Week 3, and it is all about the LST and Hook Training for the week!  If you want to watch the full SCROG Series, visit and it is listed under the Grow Videos Tab.  Alright now lets get started with this weeks Low Stress Training.

This is day 1 of the week, and you can see just how much these blue dream plants have grown since I last trained them.  There are several more new tops growing up from the main trunk, and it seems that the speed of growth is picking up more and more each day.  Here is a new top that is ready for a hooking, so I am going to tie it down real quick.  It is important to do the 3 finger LST method first before adding the hook, just so the branch can be gently worked into that position.  If you aren’t careful, the Low stress training wont be so low stress, and will actually harm the plant.

Here’s a quick look at that knuckle I showed you last week, and it’s actually gotten bigger since then.  All these tops are either too short or too low to the ground to be trained, so I’ll leave em be and let them grow up more before doing any training.  

This plant on the other hand, has several new tops that have grown enough to be trained with some LST!  Right now these 4 branches are small and weak, but in a few short weeks they will be massive branches ready to grow big buds!  They are not yet long enough to bring in the hook training, so I will just use the normal LST for now.  On this final plant, you can see it is getting really bushy and dense with foliage in the middle, which is a good sign of growth.  But having the crowded space prevents airflow which leads to mold and other problems.  SO be sure to prevent this from happening by training branches aways from each other and by strategically pulling a few fan leaves here and there.  Now I’ll just adjust the hooks that have already been added, and I am all finished.

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This is just a quick aerial view of the plants to give you an idea of how to train them.  You can see the shape I am creating and how I am training all the main branches out and away from the center of the plant.  You can also see how some of the plants are only filling up one section of the pot, so what I will do is train as many branches as possible towards the open space in order to keep the plant centered over the soil.

Here we are another day later and these plants are ready for some new hooks to be added.  My plan of attack is to do all the training for one plant at a time, and to start with only adjusting the already added hooks.  Once that process is completed, then I ad the new hooks for the new tops.  This is important so you don’t miss anything and it helps prevent overcrowding of the branches.  As you can see here I am wrapping this branch around the edge of the pot and that is in order to grow the plant back over to that open space above the soil.

The plants look completely different under the LED light at night, but you can see this plant here already has around 10-15 tops and its only week 3 of veg!  A lot of these need to be adjusted but none of the tops are ready for a new hook.

This is the last day of week 3, and you can see just how large these plants have already grown.  All 4 of the blue dream plants have just about 20 tops and it’s only the end of week 3.  After I adjust all the current hooks, I am going to add new hooks to the new tops that have grown tall enough. Once that is complete I am all done with training for the week.

Alright folks, there you have all the LST and hook training I performed on these Blue Dream plants this week.  That also concludes week 3 of the Screen of Green Grow Series, and once you have performed all the steps in this video you are ready to begin Week 4.  Now that the plants have really started to respond to all this training, you we should begin to see these plants double in size on a weekly basis! 

 That is the end of this video but if you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also hit the subscribe button and don’t forget to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown