Here we are chopping down the Blue Dream Crop and hanging the Buds to Dry!

It's officially harvest season here at GreenBox Grown, so I decided to put a little vlog together of me cutting down and trimming some of my Blue Dream Crop!  In this video I demonstrate the wet trimming method, and also show a little hand trimmed bud vs machine trimmed popcorn nugs.

I also show the difference between hanging your buds by their branches on a string, and putting th snugs right on a drying rack.  Another cool perk bout trimming your cannabis buds, is all of the scissor hash you get from it.  I have a clip in here about how to do that, and how you can smoke it right away!

This video only covers the very beginning of the Blue Dream Harvest, so stay tuned for another grow update where I show our full yield and explain how to cure your buds to perfection in mason jars.  I am expecting around 3 pounds total from this crop.

Thank you for watching and as always,

Happy Growing!
Dylan Osborn