Boveda Humidipacks Cure Cannabis Buds to Perfection!

In this video, I review the Boveda Humidity Packs, which I use for curing my cannabis buds.  I also mention Boost in the video, which is another brand of humidipaks I have never used.  I do have a sample I received however, so I will be trying Boost out soon and will do a video review on their humidipaks.  

After hang drying your cannabis, the middles of the buds still have some moisture left inside.  When you are curing your cannabis, what you are actually doing is drawing out that moisture from the middle so it is spread evenly throughout the whole buds.  This allows for a solid and dense buds to develop without being crunchy on the outside.  

When curing your cannabis, it is important to maintain the proper temp and humidity levels so your buds are in the optimal atmosphere inside the mason jars.  Boveda has determined that 62% RH is the perfect curing level, and I have found that anywhere between 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit is the best temperature.  

Once you're done hang drying your buds, put them in a mason jar with one of these humidipaks, and close the lid.  You will want to "Burp" the jars once a day, which means removing the lid for a certain period of time so new ai can get in and some moisture can escape.  For the first week to 10 days, I will leave the lid off for 30 minutes at a time, and after that I do 5-10 minutes each time.  Usually after 1 month, the buds are finished curing and ready to be smoked!

Here is a link to the 8 Gram 62% Boveda Humidity Packs, which are the perfect size for the Quart sized mason jars (You only need one pack per jar).

Thank you for reading, and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn