Recapping the 2016 Emerald Cup Weekend!

The GreenBox Grown team just got back from the 2016 Emerald Cup, and it was an absolute blast!  We will definitely be back next year, and we are planning to have a booth next time around!

I have been to a few different Cannabis Cups, and the Emerald Cup was by far the most focused on the Cannabis Growing part of the industry.  There were tons of companies representing their growing supplies, both for industrial and personal grows.  We saw every thing from bladeless trimmers and an industrial rosin press, to new and innovative growing mediums and nutrients.

There was also the 215 area, which was amazing as you are allowed to smoke there, and almost all of the booths were giving away free dabs and bong rips.  Over the course of 1 day at the festival, I got 2 free joints, 8 free dabs, and 2 free bong rips!  I also got a free bag of some dank Girl Scout Cookies just for singing up for a collective.

Attending the Emerald Cup was truly an amazing experience, as everyone is extremely friendly and you truly get an insiders look at the cannabis growing sector of the industry.

That is all for now, but as always Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn