Germinating Northern Lights Auto Flower Seeds

          Hello and welcome to the very first video of my Northern Lights Auto Flower Grow!  I just received these seeds from Crop Kings and will be showing the whole germination process, during the video.  Northern Lights is an awesome strain, which I have never grown before, so I am excited to have it in the garden this time around!  I have been using seeds from Crop Kings for awhile now and I am stoked on their high quality genetics!  You can check them out at the link below:

Crop King Marijuana Seeds

          You will see that the first step of germination is placing your seeds into a cup of lukewarm water.  Once they have sunk to the bottom of the cup and have been submerged for 18 hours, the seeds are ready for the next step.  You will put the seeds onto a damp paper towel on a plate, and will fold the paper towel over so the seeds are completely covered.  Make sure the paper towel is moist at all times, but you also don't want too much water.  If there is water puddling on the plate, drain some off and you're good to go!

          Also be sure to keep your seeds in a warm, dark place.  It is crucial that your seeds don't get too cold or else they may not sport or grow.  Also, too much light on the seeds can have negative affects on their growth.

          Once the seeds have cracked open and the tap root is around 3/4 of an inch long, they are ready for planting.  I plant into solo cups with drainage holes on the bottom, and will later transplant into 2 gallon Smart Pots for the final pot.  This allows for rapid growth early on so the plants get off to a good start.  I am also very carful when transplanting, so there is minimal shock to the plant.

          When it comes to germination, the 3 most important factors are:  Warmth, Darkness, Moisture.  Provide all three to your seeds and everything will work out perfectly!

          That is all I have for now, but stay tuned for my next video which will be about seedling and early veg/flower of these Northern Lights Seeds!

Thank you for watching and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn