Week 7 of Flower for the Blue Dream Greenhouse

This is the first time I have done an update for my current Blue Dream grow. I am just starting week 7 of flower with these guys, and I am growing outdoors in a greenhouse.

I have 4 plants growing in this specific greenhouse and they are in 7 gallon smart pots with a coco coir perlite mix.  I am also using the Fox Farms Dirty Dozen Nutrients package. 

There is also a portable space heater set up in this greenhouse since the temperature in my local area has been dropping significantly as we get further into the winter season.  Luckily, the heater works really well and can easily keep this grow room at 65+ degrees Fahrenheit.  Just one of these space heaters could even allow me to grow through snowy conditions!

Thank you for watching and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn