Here is the Aftermath of an Aphid Attack on my SuperJack Plant

Hello and welcome to my first grow update for my current Super Jack grow.  This greenhouse features one photoperiod Super Jack plant which is a cross between Super Silver Haze and Jack Herer.

The grow is similar to all my other photoperiod grows, in that it is in a coco coir perlite mix, and in a 7 gallon smart pot.  In this greenhouse, I am using the General Organics GO Box for nutrients.

The first thing you will notice is the amount of damage this plant has endured.  I explain in the video that this plant was used for testing purposes, and I wanted to learn how to treat specific pests and problems.  Hence, I exposed the plant to extreme conditions such as overwatering, very strong nutrient mixtures, and more. This plant also suffered from an Aphid Attack.

Finally, you can see I was able to fill up the whole greenhouse with just one plant by utilizing a SCROG and other LST techniques.

I hope you enjoyed this post and Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn