Checking the Trichomes to Determine if they are ready for Harvest

In this video I show you how to determine when your cannabis plants will be ready for harvest, by examining the trichomes.  It's a very easy method to do, and all you will need is a magnifying lens that has a strength of around 40-50x.  

Trichomes do not start growing on the plant until the a few weeks into flower, but once they begin to show up you will want to start watching their development.  They will start off crystal clear in color, and will slowly become milky over the course of the flower period.  After they have almost all become milky, they will begin turning amber.  As the trichomes mature, the effects of that particular plants high will start to change.  

Harvesting when trichomes are milky provides a cerebral and energetic high, while harvesting when amber will cause a couch lock body high.  I prefer to harvest when 70% of the trichomes are Milky and 30% are amber, as it provides the best of both highs.

In this video I cover 3 different strains, each at a different point of the flowering stage.  We cover the Girl Scout Cookies which are the youngest of the buds, then the Blue Dream with is pretty close to harvest, and finally the Super Jack which is a little past due.

Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn