Jack Herer Seeds have Spouted into Seedlings!

This is the first update I have done for this Jack Herer Autoflower grow, and they are still in the seedling phase.  The seeds just popped up above the ground about 6 days ago and are starting to develop their cotyledon leaves as well as their first set of serrated leaves.

The Seeds came from Crop King Seeds so I know they came from a quality source and can expect some high quality results!  The seeds are growing in a Coco Coir Perlite Mix, so they need to be sprayed a little more often than if grown in other mediums. 

It is pretty crazy to think I will be harvesting these guys in the next 2 months, but that is what is so great about auto flowers!  I will be sure to post another update not his grow in the coming weeks.

Thank you for watching and as always, Happy Growing!

Dylan Osborn