Week 6 of the Screen of Green Cannabis Grow


Week 6 of the Screen of Green Cannabis Grow

Final week before addition of the SCROG

What’s up cannabis growers, my name is Dylan and welcome to week 6 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown.  Since I am no longer doing any training to these blue dream plants, this week will mainly include the watering and nutrient schedule.  I will also be lowering the plants since they are getting taller and too close to the lights.  This is important if you have grow lights where you are growing because if the plants get too close they can burn up, which is no good.  Week 6 will be covered entirely by this video, but if you want to see the full Screen of Green Grow series all you have to do is visit greenboxgrown.com.  Alright, now lets get started with day one of the week which will be a plain pHd watering and misting!

I already have my water and spray bottle mixed up, so all I have to do is water them the appropriate amount and I am all done.  When misting the plants, it is important to really cover all the leaves as they are getting really bushy and dense with foliage.  Keep an eye on how much these branches grow upwards each day, as they should be shooting up now that I am not training them anymore.

You can see certain tops are starting to get taller and pull ahead of the rest and that really is just happening at the centers of the plants where the most light is available so that is expected.    Don’t worry about this either as when I add the SCROG that will even out all the plants and create that table top like shape.  Here is a good aerial view of the plants and you can see they have already grown a decent amount since the beginning of this video!  There are a ton of tops on each plant and they are in perfect health, so this is exactly where I want to be.

This is day 4 of the week and I decided to lower the plants a few feet so when they grow into the SCROG they aren’t too close to the lights.  All I am using is a couple of Cinder Blocks and a rack for this plant stand.  I have about 3 feet of distance from the lights to the tops of the plants which is great when growing outdoor.  Indoors, you’ll want the lights to be about 2 feet above the tops.  

Here we are for the Nutrient feeding which was actually done on day 3 as you can see they are still on the higher up stand.  I will be repeating the week 4 mix on the fox farm feeding schedule and will be adding half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water along with 1 tsp of cal mag product per gallon of water.  I will be also be mixing the flower kiss foliar spray for misting the plants with.  I recommend using about a quarter gallon of water per plant when they are at this size and to water it evenly throughout all of the soil.  Then mist both the tops and bottoms of the leaves and you are all finished.

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Now for the rest of the video I will just be misting the plants each day and showing you how much they have grown in the last 24 hours.  The plants are clearly getting much taller each day and the branches are really stretching up towards the sun!  This is exactly what we want to happen and you can see by all of the tops and thick foliage, that the training I have been doing for the last month has really paid off.  Tops are growing in all directions and the lower ones are growing more outwards instead of up so they can get out of the shadows of the really tall tops in the middle.

At this point the plants are starting to grow into each other, and it is really getting hard to tell where one plant ends and the other begins.  Each plant is starting to get into the range of over 30 tops which is perfect for using a scrog with.  Right now I am allowing the plants to grow up and taller so when I do add the Scrog, I can start to train them through it horizontally and will eventually have all the branches at the same height.  This makes it so each top gets the same amount of light during flower making all the buds grow like big like main colas.  Anything below the scrog is trimmed away before flower to prevent LARF and small popcorn buds.   

This is the final day of week 6 and I will be giving the plants a plain pH’d missing and will show you guys how tall the tops are getting.  As i have mentioned previously, you will want to pull the branches apart while misting so you can get the lower foliage and everything in-between.  Get the tops and bottoms of the leaves and don’t be afraid to lay it on heavy!  The constant misting of the plants is one of the main reasons the tops are growing so quickly and you can tell because of how big and green the fan leaves are!

Alright guys, that is the end of Week 6 for the Screen of Green Grow Series by GreenBox Grown.  Next week I will be adding the SCROG to these plants, so I will be showing you how to build the SCROG itself as well as how to hang it properly.  If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment below with your feedback.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications for updates on my latest cannabis grows!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!
Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


How to Setup the perfect 2X4 Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent Setup


How to Setup the perfect 2X4 Indoor Cannabis Grow Tent Setup

Setting up the GBG Mini Indoor Starter Kit

What’s up Cannabis Growers, My name is dylan and welcome back for another episode of GreenBox Grown.  So today I’ve got the Mini Indoor Starter Kit from the GreenBox Grown site and am going to be showing you guys how to put it together and set it up in your house.  I’ll be growing in my bedroom so that is where I am setting up my tent, and I also have a few items Ive added here that aren’t included in the starter kit itself, so just a heads up there.  From this video I’m hoping to show you guys how easy it is to set up your Indoor Cannabis Grow tent, and how it requires very little space.  Before we get started I would also like to mention we have a 24/7 grow hotline which you can text into with pictures and any questions about your cannabis plants and one of our grow experts will respond as soon as possible with an answer to help you out. And the number that you need to text is down below in the description so be sure to check that out after the video.  Alright lets get started by checking out all the equipment I’ll be using in this tent.  

All right.  So here we are with all the supplies laid out that I'm going to be using for this grow.  And I guess I'll just start off going from left to right.  You see I have the fans here, I've got two of them.  This one will be oscillating and then this will be hanging up high blowing air for the top part of the plants.  We've got the heater here.  Dehumidifier.  These two are optional and really just depend on time of year and where you live.  Obviously, you know, your local weather conditions.  I've got a thermostat with the humidity reader on it so you can always monitor those two things.  Got the cords, extension cords and just a splitter for multiple outlets.  

And then of course, a grow light and with the mini starter kit which most of these supplies come in, we give the 300 watt Mars Hydro and that's really just recommended for if you're going to grow one small to medium size plant.  If you want to be growing larger stuff we recommend starting with the 600 watt Mars Hydro for every one to two plants indoors.  Got the bungies which are great for hanging the lights from because you can adjust them.  

And then I've got the light timer.  I have two different ones here.  This one I can actually control wirelessly from an app on my smart phone.  And then this is just the digital one that you set.  This one isn't really necessary for the indoor grow.  This is just better for if you're growing in a green house if it's like foggy, you can flip on the lights real easily and indoors obviously that's not going to change.  

 And then I've got the seeds I'm going to be using, and these are the Ministry of Cannabis, Autoflower Blue Amnesia Seeds I got five of them here.  And the Ministry hooked it up, sent me these for free, which is great.  I've got my nutrients kit here, which this isn't actually the one I'll be using.  This is just actually a kit I've been testing out.  The ones that only come with this are the General Organics GO Box, and we also have a few other options.  

 Then I've got my seed starting stuff.  So I've got my solo cups which I'll be growing them in after they sprout out of these rooters, and I'll also be starting them off inside this humidity dome.  And then, of course, we've got the mini tent which is two feet by four feet, and then I think it's about four or five feet tall.  Got the pots that I will be growing in.  These aren't actually the ones I'll be using.  I'll be using smart pots but they'll be two gallons instead of these three.  

And then I've got -- these gates are great.  They are little screens that just keep the pots off the ground so they can drain properly.  Really cheap, you can get them at your local Home Depot.  

 So there you have all the supplies that you need and now I'm going to show you guys how easy it is to set up the tent itself.  Also, I almost forgot, so this is the area where I'll be putting the tent.  It will go right there next to my little bed stand up against the wall.  So you can see it will barely take up any space in my bedroom.  And it's only two feet deep so it won't be sticking out that far either.  

 All right.  Now the tent is completely set up.  You can see it fits perfectly right in this little corner of my room.  And you can see I have, you know, both the pots and the humidity dome in here but obviously there would only be one in here at a time.  So that's why it's kind of cramped in here.  And you can see if you're growing auto flowers you can definitely fit, you know, six in here maybe like five, may be cramped but you could get it done with enough lighting.  So these little tents can give you a pretty good yield, if you set them up properly.  

 But anyways, you'll see I've got my fan hanging up here for the upper part of the tent and my lower oscillating fan down here.  We've got the two pots and they're on the grate for proper drainage out of the bottom.  And then I've also got the thermometer and humidity reader back there.  And I like to keep it lower just because that's where the plants are.  Got my humidity dome all set up over here.  Light hanging, and I'd probably have it raised higher using the bungie cords.  But right now I'm just showing you as an example.  

 But yeah, that is pretty much all you need to know about setting up a mini indoor grow tent.  And, of course, once you're at this point you're ready to start your grow.  If you're starting from clones, then I would recommend going to GreenBoxGrown.com and watching the "Starting from clone" video under the videos tab.  And if you're going to be starting from seed, then I recommend checking out our "Starting from seed" video series, and I will go through the whole germination and seedling process for you. 

Alright folks, there you have exactly how to setup your Mini Cannabis Grow Room!  Once you have completed this video and your tent is all setup, you are ready to germinate your seeds and begin your grow.  At that point just head over to the GreenBox Grown website and watch the Starting from Seed Series under the videos tab.  Don’t forget to check out our starter kits as we have several different sizes and greenhouse versions as well.  If you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up and feel free to comment below with your feedback.  Also, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


Week 5 Screen of Green Weed Grow Series:  Final Topping & No More LST


Week 5 Screen of Green Weed Grow Series: Final Topping & No More LST

Week 5 SCROG Grow:  Final Topping

What’s up Cannabis Growers, My name is Dylan and welcome to Week 5 of the Screen of Green Grow Series.  This is the only video for week 5 and will include the second topping of this grow as well as the week 4 nutrient mix.  Now if you are not planning on using a SCROG you can start flowering your cannabis plants at this point.  Since I am going to veg for a lot longer, I am repeating the week 4 nutrient mix because it is the last of the veg cycle.  I would also like to mention that there will be no more LST performed on these plants from here on out, as it is time to let them grow up and then trained by the SCROG.  If you want to see what that looks like right now, you can visit the full Screen of Green series at greenboxgrown.com.  Alright now lets get started with day 1 of the week.

The plants are ready for their next watering so I am giving them a plain pHd water and spray.  Now that the plants are larger, you can increase the amount of water each one gets, but remember to do this a little at a time so you don’t drown them.  From this shot you can see that they have grown into that perfectly round shape and probably have well over 20 tops a piece.  What is great about the SCROG is not only will it help create even more tops when added, but it will help each individual top grow larger buds.  It is also important you give them a really good misting the larger they get as there are more leaves to cover.

A few days later and only a couple of the plants are ready for a watering so I’ll give them another round of the plain pHd water.  Once that is finished I will give all the plants a good misting.  This leaf is starting to die so Im just gonna pull it from the plant right now.  Be careful when doing this and gently pull down on the leaf till it comes off.  If it is being difficult to pull off that just means it isn’t dying and should be left on the plant.  Now I will mist them and they are all finished being watered.

Now I am going to top these plants and will be topping as many of the branches as I can get to.  This is a drastic change from the first topping on day 1 just 4 and a half weeks ago, and will help greatly with creating more bud sites.  Always be sure to start with a sterilized pair of trimmers before cutting, and you can use hydrogen peroxide to clean them off if you’d like.  Now all you have to do is top each branch just like before and that’s it.  It helps to start at one end of the plant and just work your way around so you can keep track of which branches have already been cut.  Remember to cut right below the top where it connects to the main branch and to throw out the piece you cut off as you don’t want it decomposing in the soil.

This is just a quick shot of a branch that pulled its hook out of the soil. In this case all you need to do is harness it back down by putting the hook further down into the soil.  If it is slipping out of the hook, that means you have the hook to close to the end and need to move if further down the branch.  It also looks like this branch wasn’t topped, but it still has a new branch starting to form below as if it was.

 Another day later, and the plants are ready for their nutrient feeding.  I will be mixing the week 4 fox farm mix since I am still in veg, and I will also be mixing the flower kiss foliar spray.  SinceI am in coco coir, I will be adding half a tsp of coco wet per gallon of water as well as 1 tsp of Cal Mag product per gallon of water for extra nutrients.  Before I water the plants I want to show you how much growth there been from the areas I topped.  You can see the new branches already forming and growing out from where the original top was and this is only 2 days after they were topped.  Alright, now I will water them and then mist.  Also if you haven’t noticed, look at how much these plants have grown since the beginning of the video.  Rewind and look at how they were and then fast forward to this point and you can see the difference is huge.  The plants are growing into each other and its getting hard to tell where one plant ends and the other begins.  

Now that it’s almost been 2 weeks since I added the tape to this broken branch, I am going to remove it and show how it has recovered.  Unfortunately when I was removing the tape, I tore the branch completely off as I wasn’t being careful.  I still wanted to show this however because you can see where the plant had fused itself back together.  You can see the base is much fatter and that is because the plant was sending extra nutrients and energy to that portion of the plant to help it recover.

Also, this top that is now severed from the plant is a lot bigger now than it was when it first snapped.  meaning it kept growing after I tapped it back together.

This is the final day of week 5 and you can see the branches are really starting to stretch up, which is exactly what I need them to do.  Eventually I will be adding a SCROG above them and will train the branches up and through it.  Right now I am trying to count all of the tops bout theres really too many to count at this point.  My guess is around 30 plus per plant, and once I add the SCROG you will see why that is so important to have.

Alright guys, that officially concludes Week 5 for the Screen of Green Series and remember that you long need to use any LST or hook training on your plants for the rest of the grow.  Next weeks video is very simple as the the plants will be recovering from their toppings and will only need to be watered.  If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and to turn on notifications for updates on my latest grows.  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown


Week 4 Low Stress Training for the Screen of Green Grow Series


Week 4 Low Stress Training for the Screen of Green Grow Series

Week 4 LST & Hook Training for the SCROG Grow!

What’s up Cannabis Growers, and welcome back to Week 4 of the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown.  My name is Dylan and in this video I will be covering part 2 of Week 4 which will will include all of the Low Stress & Hook Training I will be doing to these plants over the next 7 days.  I will also show you what the signs of nutrient burn look like and I will cover how to repair a broken branch.  As always, you can view the full Screen of Green Series at greenboxgrown.com under the videos tab. Alright, now lets get started with day 1 of the week.

It has only been a couple of days since I last adjusted the hooks, and already the branches have grown upwards a decent ways.  I’m going to adjust the hooks onto the new growth like usual, and you might be wondering.  If I keep doing that, wont I just have one long branch growing sideways.  And the answer is no.  The reason is when the branch starts to grow sideways, new branches will sprout out of it and grow upwards, so what ends up happening is you have a long trunk growing horizontally with a ton of branches growing out of it!  When adjusting the hook towards new growth, try to get it as close to the end of the branch as possible, as that will prevent the top from growing right back up too soon.  None of the new branches need hooks added to them, so that is all the training I will do for now.

This is the very next day, and already the branches have grown enough to have their hooks adjusted again.  It is important to stay on top of this training each and everyday for best results, but If you miss a couple of days here and there it will not harm your plants.  Ok, so this little branch here I was just trying to bend, snapped and almost completely tore off from the main branch.  

Luckily cannabis plants are extremely resilient and can easily recover from this kind of damage if the proper treatment is given.  All you need to do is take a piece of scotch tape and wrap it around the branch right where it snapped, so the tape is holding it back together with where it broke off.  Once you have it securely fastened you are all done.  Make sure there is no fan blowing right on it or any sort of breeze that will cause it to move around as that can prevent and slow healing.  But what will happen is the branch will fuse itself back together and the branch will continue to grow big and strong.  Here’s a quick shot up close with the tape attached.  You can see I got the fan leave stuck in there and thats ok as long as the branch is being held together.  

Another day later, and I will be adding some more hooks to these plants.  But first, I will adjust the ones that have already been added.  You can see these plants have pretty much all filled up their pots with tops and branches, which is exactly what we want.  With most of these plants I will now start to train them out over the edges of the pots, and with this one It still has a lot of soil to fill so I will cover that up first.  It’s important you train those branches that are in the middle and up high light these because you really want to expose the center of the canopy to as much light as possible for the best results!

Here’s another close up of the broken branch I am fixing with the tape, and you can see it is still perfectly healthy looking and still vibrant which is a good sign.  It will take a week to 2 weeks for it to completely refuse itself back together, so I will leave the tape alone for now.  

As I am looking through the plants, a lot of these tops look like they don’t need their hook adjust yet and can grow a little more first so I will just leave them be.  There are a couple that need slight adjustments or a little LST but that’s about it for now.

This is the final day of Week 4 and the plants have grown a decent amount since the previous day, so they are ready for some hook adjustments.  At this point however I will not be adding any new hooks as they are not needed to be at this time.   You can see this leaf here is browning and showing signs of a nutrient burn or other issue.  Some of the other leafs have some light discoloration around the edges which is a mild burn so nothing to really worry about.  I will just lighten the nutrients a little bit.  Also, if you have leaves closest to the fans that are yellowing or browning, it could be due to too much wind blowing too forcefully on them, so always consider that.

Alright folks, that is the end of this weeks Training as well as Week 4 for the Screen of Green Series by GreenBox Grown.  I will be back with Week 5 for the SCROG series shortly, but in the meantime you can visit greenboxgrown.com for the rest of this series.  If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and comment below with your feedback.  Also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel and turn on the notifications for updates on my latest grows!  As always, thank you for watching and until next time…

Happy Growing!

Dylan @ GreenBox Grown