AutoFlower Video Intro


This page contains all of our AutoFlower Grow Series' as we have several variations and styles of growing them.  Be sure to select the series most appropriate to what you want to accomplish and then begin with Video #1 on the next page!

STEP 2:  Select a Series from Below

This Autoflower Series covers a Basic Grow, where the plants are not trained and are simply grown straight up.  

In this Autoflower Series, we demonstrate how to Properly use Low Stress Training on your Autoflower Plants to Quadruple your Yields!


In this video series I am growing Gorilla Glue Autoflowers in a hidden Grow Room setup in my Bedroom Closet.  A stealth grow is great for those who want to grow cannabis but have to do so in secret.  You can use any sort of Closet, Cabinet or even an Armoire!