Grow Series Intro

(Germination & Seedling Phase)


This grow series is the first of its kind as it will all be done by a 1st Time Grower! Over the course of this grow I will be filming my Brother Cody each step of the way as he completes his very first cannabis grow ever. His only source of guidance will be from the GreenBox Grown Premium Video Section.

  • Agent Orange Seeds by:

  • Grow Series Duration: 8 Weeks of Vegetation + 8 Weeks of Flower

  • Supplies used in Grow:

Dirty Dozen Nutes

Nutrient Schedule

Week 1 Vegetation

Week 2 Vegetation

Week 3 Vegetation

Week 4 Vegetation

Week 5 Vegetation

Week 6 Vegetation

Week 7 Vegetation

Week 8 Vegetation